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    Name: Jack
    Age: Unknown, appears early 20s
    Gender: Male
    Race: Humanoid (unknown variety)
    Appearance: Nondescript, with brown hair and grey eyes.
    Ups: Possessive a wide variety of combat skills and special traits, reflexive through muscle memory
    Downs: Amnesia. Does not remember who he is, where he is from, what combat skills he possesses, or anything else about himself with the exception of his first name. Also immune to ordinary healing magic. He went to the infirmary once to deal with a cut sustained while working, and the healer's magic would not work.
    Nationality: Unknown. No noticeable accent in his speech when speaking Avalonian.
    Background: After showing up at the Academy gates with no recollection of his past, Jack got a job as a janitor working in the Academy until it became clear to the instructors that he had remarkable skill at arms. He was then allowed to use his janitor wages to pay tuition and enroll as a student in the Academy.
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