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Thread: Extremely SLOW forums.

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    Feedback: The Forums are EXTREMELY slow loading, sometimes the posts glitch, don't appear at all or appear ten years later... I posted a thread YESTERDAY MORNING and it is still not "Approved" by a moderator. The thread is a recruitment thread for NA44 for my alliance so it is in no way in violation of any rules to have it's posting declined.

    My Thread is STILL not posted.
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    yeah im having same issues loading certain pages from the forums

    i thought was router and net connection but i restarted it all and still had same issues

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    What about threads?

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    happens to my on posts occasionally. sometimes it posts my posts twice.

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    maybe they felt that your post wasnt cool enough for the forums but dont quote me on that lol
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    It's a conspiracy to prevent too many complaints about minor fortune pack and speech text removal from gifting

    neat timing...
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    Screw the post part. What about the THREADS. Two days have passed and my recruitment thread is STILL not up. I even tried to post another one, ZERO success, yet this one got posted here on the second. How the hell does that work?

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    There is a difference between a thread/post not being approved by a moderator and there being lag on the forum. Your thread could have been deleted or may still remain in limbo awaiting a moderator's approval. You should contact the moderator of the section in which you tried to make your thread, politely.
    I personally never have issues with lag on the forum, unless there is an issue with my internet connection. However, some people do indeed have lag issues and that is a problem with BBS type forums in general. We've never had enough complaints or problems to look into it. Perhaps if it is this severe there may be something up with your browser or connection.

    Now, I didn't have to approve your thread, but it sounds like that is the issue with your other thread.
    For future notice, don't create thread or post duplicates just because your first doesn't show up. Simply contact the moderator of that section.

    Now, is the forum always this severe (regarding lag) for you, or has it been that way for a short time period/splotchy.. meaning sometimes it works normally?

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    Well it's been with me when I started but I put up with it.
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    Same, laggy since I started it, I hear others have the same issue as well. Thanks regarding the thread info, still two days seems like quite the long time for such a big forum..


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