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Thread: how did you come up with your forum name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SickbyDefinition View Post
    I actually got my name from my alliance when I played Evony. The alliance I entered was called SbD, and when I asked the host what it meant, it was Sick by Definition. So yeah, it was born on Evony haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalric View Post
    MechLuvin? ive seen you somewhefe.....
    ya, prolly in the battle reports section of the forums or in ur WR kickin azz and takin names.. known to be in either place at anytime
    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MechHead View Post
    ya, prolly in the battle reports section of the forums or in ur WR kickin azz and takin names.. known to be in either place at anytime
    i recognized ur name from hearin bout u on s152 when i played there last year lol ... dont remember u in WR though :P
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    Its a short for Dartsworth which I got from the book Marley and Me. the reason it isn't my forum name is because when i first made a account here i accidently made a typing error on my email address so i couldn't validate the account. so i had to make a new one.
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    My in-game lord name for the past 4 servers.
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    My name came from the movie, black hawk down.

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    My name come from my work.
    I repair pc.
    And i have also a hosting company.

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    My friends have called me Spock for years now. 96 came when I started Server 4, when it came out "Spock" was taken already.

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    When i first started Evony, My previous handle online had been Gunslinger01. (various online mmo games) This name was from Stephen Kings Dark tower books.

    But due to the 10 Char limit, I could olny get Gunslinger which was of course taken as there was mabey a hundred thousand starting on the server. So i tryed some of my other handles, Gunner, Guns1inger, Goopoo (Dont ask) and a series of other ways of writing it, but all were taken.

    No i may or may not have had a few drinks at the time, or mabey a few more then a few, and was getting sick of trying names. So after the umpteenth try, I bashed my face into the keyboard, And hit enter when i sat up.

    so i started out as ssfgrgawer, i joined the forums a few months after that, So i used ssfgrgawer here, as it was and is still my in game name.

    Variations on other servers:

    server 107/ss36/ss65 the 2nd server i ever joined, I took the name SSgunner, the ss being from ssfgrgawer, Because i was gonna meet some s6 mates there, but they quit after an hour, and i stayed on. i still log in there occasionally to say hi to the old gang there.

    Servers 140ish - 160ish ive been called ssf, or ssfgrgawer

    server 164 - ssfsHere on the first 3 days till i won a name change, then changed to ssfgrgawer.

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    ssssssssffffdrdrawers. You can't tell me to stop being who I am.

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    Soundgarden song "LimoWreck"

    Also been my in-game name for a while

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