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Thread: how did you come up with your forum name?

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    I got my name from pirates of the Caribbean before Privateer I went by the name Notoriou1 which was meant to say Notorious but for some reason I misspelled it and thought it was so funny to look back on I kept it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesterus View Post
    I have used this name ever since I played Dark age of camelot in 2003 and made a friar named Nesterus

    It has been a good gamer handle for me ever since, and most people who know me understands.
    Lol, me too. Cushseth Longshot, level 50 Saracen scout, 5l7, Lancelot.

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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin1995 View Post
    This is just a long shot but does it have something to do with a college class?
    No ... It has to do with the Room 101 from the book 1984 :P Fit in with my alt account theme of naming my accounts after 1984 characters.

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    Behind you!! You looked, didn't you? Don't even try and deny it.


    I don't know, I just always used this name when I couldn't be bothered to come up with anything else...I also use SoundOfLaughter more recently but that's derived from Hehe lol
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    I started using this name on various filesharing clients/communities back in 2002. just needed a name fast so i thought of an old Anthrax song, and picked this. i'm not really meaning to say that "i'm the man" so it gets a bit akward when someone messages you things like "oh yeah, you the man"(when they see your bandwidth on certain p2p-networks), and a bit funny when people on gaming forums just assume that i'm a real a-hole and they start sending hatemail, there's a lot of special people on gaming forums. (i've rarely, if ever, used the name ingame btw)
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    Been STATiK in every game that I can ever remember, xboxlive, everything.

    Came from a Blink 182 song though actually. When TOYPAJ came out, Stay Together For the Kids was one of my favorite songs. Took the first letter of each word, put them together, did a little magic, and thus STATiK was born ha.

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    me and my friends decided to name ourselfs after outlaws, how i got mine

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    I use my in game name, and I am not sure where I got that from.

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    From my real name. LAMEEE! :P

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    hmm was taking a shower...smelled my arm and it smelt *FRESH* lolz jk just a nickname my friends gave me back in the day in RL lol
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