As we all know there is no solid defence, it is impossible for a perfect defence, there is a way to brake everything...

BUT when your online and defending there must be a way to make everything go splat..

I know that scout mech defence works very well against many things

It makes just about every thing die and kill nothing of yours but there is ways to brake it e.g phracts being the best and most fastest way to brake it...but to counter this you just add some layers....a few k layers die the phracts die

Ram smacks can very easily brake this defence if layered correctly...thats the downside to it....

Lately I have been using rams alot, they are brilliant at killing masses and medium layered trooped citys and even when you throw them against a fully layered CD and 5.2k defence they still do a lot of damage....I have never seen anyone ever have very small losses defending against a layered ram smack...ive seen naked rams smacks go splat with minimal losses ( ) < --- Here is an example

Basically what Im summarising to is...I know every single way to make just about everything go splat...besides rams, specifically layered rams........? I know this is more of question but it can be seen as in this section because people who reply will teach

So any input is appreciated, thank you !