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Thread: The Best Defence

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    The best defense is whatever wins. Next.....

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    Next.... What do ya mean?
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    Avoidance is the best defense. Look down there.

    Avoidance is the best defense. Look up there.

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    mech defense is by far the best defense... and although there is several ways to break it none of them comes easy or cheap.

    there is no shortcut way to kill mech defense.. you have to work at it..

    and if the player is online... best to wait till hes offline... to much he can do to make life harder for attacker..

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    Default dead mech def

    i was a little hasty on this hit, as the alliance i hit is a spreadsheet acct sharing alliance. . .

    kill fast

    but heck killing 350k ballis in one shot without backdooring etc gotta take it when you can

    darn report errored and gave me negative honor lmao, and should have read about 38 mil exp

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    nice hit toraxx
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    Default Sweet

    Sweet! Good post.

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    Mech defense works on the principal that you have enough mechs to.kill all that comes at you

    -To break.get someone to send a big phract smack from a 16 or atlantis

    To defend.put 30k rams in your will take the blunt off the attacking phracts

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    The best defense is being online the only offline defense is a good alliance

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    Okay first of all, it's very easy to break Mech D with a simple reverse scout bomb (99,500 scout, 500 cavs) they target mechs specifically and ignore scouts and archers. So if someone's in Mech D, send a small wave to clear the layers, and follow up with Rev SBs real quick and he'll be toast. Secondly, it's really easy to defend against layered rams. Just as it's easy to defend against just straight rams. All you need is 300k or more archers, and 1 abatis. You'll lose small amounts of archers each time, the number would depend on how many ballista and pult were mixed in. But it'll be 30k archers or less. The same defence works with straight ram waves and you'll lose no archers. The other mech are what hurt the archers. So there you go, your questions answered. Let me know if you want to know anything else!

    Edit: Also, the whole ram thing depends on the heros as well. For that defence to work you'll need a bigger hero then the attacker.
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