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Thread: SOTM #4 [Voting]

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    1st/3 points - Gotta give it to Arathorn, Loveing the lighting here, really brings the pic to life imo
    2nd/2points - Kazza sweet render, focus remains on the charactor, dispite so much going on. Nicely done.
    3rd/1Point - Prodigy, The shapes in the background remind me of camera flashes, and who wouldnt be taking photos of that.

    Bloody hard choice, If i wernt the repper for this round, id Rep you all, All awesome works

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    ::: Voting Results :::
    Click here to see the voting chart.

    Congratulations to Arathorn136!
    Second place goes to Morgana.
    Third place goes to KrazyKazza.

    • GermainZ was DQ'd for not voting.
    • Arathorn didn't bother to vote for SOTM #5's theme so her bonus voting power is forfeit.

    Thank you all for participating! We hope to see you again in the next SOTM voting thread. In the meantime, SOTM #5 is now LIVE!

    The Lord of the Rings won out the voting! Click here to see how the votes panned out.

    Click here to check out SOTM #5!

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