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Thread: decent cav and arch kill.

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    Default decent cav and arch kill.

    sent four mech waves, only got reports on two. had to march 1.5hours to get there due to there not being an npc within 12 miles of the city. City truced with an hour left in the march but i figured i'd let them ride as i'd already set up my hall filler waves and i assumed they would just gate the attacks and let my tranpo's take some goods(had 3 100k waves on top of the mech).
    from talking to friendly reds i learned that the third hit took the rest of the arch and a few rams and the fourth finished off the rest of the 100k rams.
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    Solid hits mate. poor Lucylou lol

    Still good reports

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    Nice cav kill, surprised they truced so far in advanced and still let that happen.

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    first hit was awesome 2nd hit wasnt bad 12 miles from an npc.. noob shields svck
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    first Hit was awesome!

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    where do these guys hang out at (hehe) and just let all his stuff die? and truce on a 1.5 hr march unreal. nice hits though

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    awesome cav kill
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    Nice cav kill, surprised they truced so far in advanced and still let that happen.
    Anybody who needs a noob shield is obviously not very sure of their defensive skills, lol. If I had to guess, I'd say he maxed his rally by moving out as much as he could (he does only have 1 phract) and his other cities were just really far away??

    Anyway, nice hits. +rep

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