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    So, this one has a long back story... We're all big players and at this stage of the game, most of the big fights are arranged due to timing.

    This guy wants to attack me one day, but I didn't have much time and told him so. He wanted to make me truce and look bad rather than just agree and fight later... So, he attempted to get close knowing I didn't have time to fight. I foiled his plot of capping 3 different NPCs by 2 of my cities when he lowered loyalty on them. Lots of whining in WC about how I'm a pu$$, but eventually he moved on.

    A little further down the line, I set a date to fight an alliance mate of his. Everyone from both sides knew it and were watching the battles. He decided it was a good time to sneak up on me and try to get some attacks in, so he capped a NPC by one of my other cities. I lost all respect for him not allowing us to battle like we had planned. I told him he was gonna fight on my time, not his, and set holiday. I really lost every bit of respect for him when he used his alliance mate like that. Really low IMHO...

    After enough WC banter and other lameness by said player calling me names in WC over the past few months, I came up with a plan. He's always saying "open a spot for me, blah blah blah. I'll whoop you, blah blah blah...". So I gathered scout reports of his city from several people he attacked over the last 2 weeks to see how it always looked and planned an attack.

    I finally opened a spot for him. I just didn't tell him I was planning on killing that flat with more mech than you can shake a stick at. He ported in. And thanks to evony gate breakers, I locked his gates open before this hit. My hits "aimed to take that flat" hit him over a 12 second period. Call it underhanded, but I say all is fair in love and war, and he got his due from all the past BS.

    Without further ado, here's the reports. Some are missing for not killing 5%. There's bound to be some of those when there's this many troops in a city. 2m cav, 861k arch 1m arch, 1m fodder 913k arch 809k arch 858k arch 597k arch

    What I love about a treb-only defense is trebs all die the very next wave after all arch are dead... Then you get the mech tradefire battles! 185k ball, 168k pult 185k ball, 169k pult 197k ball, 180k pult 10m scouts 1.3m trans 1.2m trans 176k rams 31k rams - all dead.

    Some reports were only 13% heal for me, but I had 0 honor... So every hit was 13% for him.

    Mitch, I know you always get fired up when I post anything about you or SW on the forums, but you always say it didn't happen if you don't have the proof to back it up... So this one is for you. Have a beer. It's only a game.
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