One final thought, paraphrasing someone else here... I don't care how many troops it took to kill your city. I don't care what tactics I used to kill your city. The fact is, it's a war game and I killed your city! [/QUOTE]

very very true lol ..."

but funny thing is that ur so proud of using ambush but u cried when he wanted to attack you with cooperation with his alliiance mates. isnt that teamplay game ? to me u didnt play fair according to your policy to play fair like you decided to together before battle. he didnt even see those hits coming cuz of the bug in game that didnt change destination of your troops as still flat but hit the castle later. that should be changed and your troops should return home cuz of the situation changed at destination...
oh and im not on your server just got that link from some1 and just couldnt not say something about that. im sure if he had seen those hits coming he would prepare for defence wisely. cheers and have fun living in your own world. hehe