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Thread: Artists/Animators needed!

  1. Default Artists/Animators needed!

    I'm building a game (No links giving out, as this is still top secret) and need a couple of artists and an animator for Flash CS3 or higher.

    Their's no rush, and all work is voluntary.

    Question #2. Any tips for artistic concepts? Where do your ideas appear from?
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    @Above: Thanks.

    Mail me if you'd like to see an example of the game.
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    To my knowledge most sig makers on this forum don't draw/create their own characters.

    In the main the characters/renders are ones from games or films that have been removed from their background (cut) and placed in a new setting that is from the sig makers imagination. The renders are 'tweaked' to give them a 'new' appearance.

    For a new game I would assume you would need personalised characters drawn that belong to that game. But I don't know for certain. I would think you are potentially opening a legal can of worms.

    I guess it depends on just what it is you want. If its a game like Evony then in game there is little need for renders per se, in the main it's all from imagination bar the character faces and troop type symbols. That would be relatively simple to do I guess. If we are talking something where you require lots of individual characters running around then that is serious stuff and really will require an artist that can draw from scratch and animate.

    I don't know if that is 100% right it's just how I see it

    I'm no superstar artist but I'm willing to have a go depending on what it is.
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    Thanks so much!

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    You're probably looking in the wrong place. I doubt this section has any enthusiasts, let alone pro, at 2D animation. I dabble a bit in it, (Adobe Flash CS+) but only for very simple animations.

    You'd want someone who knows both how to illustrate using vectors (through Illustrator and/or Flash) AND how to animate using JS/AS. It would be hard if the artist only knows how to illustrate but not how to code it. The coding is what runs the game; the graphics should come after.
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