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Thread: The Long Awaited History Of ssfgrgawer.

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    Default The Long Awaited History Of ssfgrgawer.

    Welcome everybody to the first time i have showed my history to the public. This will take at least 6 posts, so be patient
    SSF’s History.

    Because I proof read Goldy/Suberfuge/brutes History it reminded me of my History thread, and the history within.

    And since Goldy has been pestering me to finish mine off, I’ve restarted writing it.

    Now be taken back in time

    The year is 2009 around the end of April. I used to play some flash browser games because my RL friends joined them. Most of them lasted a week or two before my mates got sick of em. When they said they were looking at joining Civony I didn’t think it would last too long. They joined what was the last Civony Server, Server 5. When Server 6 came out, they quit on server 5 as they were behind on it and decided that server 6 might be a better choice, At this point Civony was dead and Evony had been born. I decided they might stay here so I joined up too. Just in time for week 1 of server 6.
    And thus this crazy 3 years started.

    The beginnings

    I started out slowly. Like really slowly. Took me over half an hour of trying names before I got sick of it declining names, so I face rolled the keyboard and ssfgrgawer is what I got. I started in North march I believe, However I wasn’t there long, my friends had been accepted into the alliance ANZAC, And all Australian alliance. That alliance however was full by the time I started, so I went to WC looking for a home cause I had no idea what I was doing.

    Before too long I got accepted into Assasinz, Who were a small time alliance in Bohemia. I ported to Bohemia to be closer to everyone. Unfortunately in my immediate area where a few bigger players, Tarl and Yavin Of Razor and this one chap who’s name eludes me (more info on him later) from another alliance where nearby. Assasinz got beat down in less than a week after I joined, and soon I was the only active player. I managed to dodge any damage because I was still in beginner’s protection.

    It didn’t take me long and I was bored in an alliance with no one in it. I had just hit 100k prestige, which made me one of the bigger guys in the area. I got a message from Gant (the then Host of Razor) who said a nearby player had spotted my growth and was asking me to join up. Since Assasinz was deader than doornails, I dropped out taking the 10% prest hit. (Put me to 90kish prest lol)

    This is where I first saw an active alliance. There was always someone on. We had a heap of good hitters, with good troops. Tarl was still near me, (about 20 miles) and Yavin was about 60 miles away. Isnertam was within 100 miles and Gant was 80ish miles away. Docterror and his brothers was also in the state.

    It was now I learnt about the wars we had. We had just ended a war with Horde, who was a Moravian alliance. And Dacia was looking like being our major enemy, as we were positioned as part of the bohemian coalition of: Razor, Valiant, Valorous, EMPIRE, Tribal, RDragons THEGODS and HONOR to name a few.

    We were on the side of the MISC© super coalition, Which consisted of roughly, MISC©, MISC2 –MISC10 (I think), And DOOM – DOOM 15 and DoomKill and MISC7© There were more in other states but that’s all I can remember
    It is worthwile noting that Some of these sister alliances spawned over a period of time, not just instantly.

    The Bohemian Coalition was in charge of holding Bohemia, and Backing up the MISC family when needed.

    Dacia and MISC© were opposing forces since before I was on the server so When MISC and Dacia declared formally the MISC coalition mass declared on Dacia the Bohemian Coalition also mass declared, The fear factor was part of MISC’s Domination of the server. Not many could fight MISC’s massive troops, and if that didn’t work any state a red ported to would have more foes then he could handle there.

    At this time Sentinel also got declared on, however little action was seen at first, as most of the fighting was on the Romagna/Bohemia border and In Romagna. So during this time a lot of Local wars took place, the most noticeable was DeezNutz and Cat5 both of whom were small fry. Both alliances got pummelled before too long. Deez Nutz didn’t last 24 hours.

    Then some Dacian hitters ported into Bohemia, most notably Mentat. Mentat was Dacia’s Hitman at the time or so it seemed if they wanted someone dead they sent Mentat. He could go toe to toe with even MISC’s heavy hitters. Dacia players were Excellent on attack and defence. Most of our city’s got walked over and those that didn’t were still hurting. I can remember launching a massive attack at a Dacian player over 60 miles away, of my mighty 66k arch, no rainbow. Needless to say I got no report. (It also took over an hour to get there)

    before too long a solution to the Dacia problem had to be found. The solution that came up was a super alliance, Formed of the best hitters from the Bohemian alliances they made Victrius.

    Victrius was founded by Bond_4635 and a few of the other Major bohemian alliances, Mostly EX Valliant.

    Victrius was good in theory, But for some reason fell apart. The main members of Victrius ended up forming Phantom with Cheeba and Quaintaris and members of Sentinel. Phantom became the major power in Bohemia, and was allied with Dacia, This put it on the side against the MISC coalition, BUT because Most players were ex bohemian alliances and due to my diplomacy with Cheeba who with Bond_4635 and Quaintaris were the high command in Phantom we managed to become allied with Phantom, who became our biggest ally’s.

    Now back to me. During the above, Gant, Yavin ,SirRoberts , Tarl, Isnertam and a few other Razor players had gone to Victrius to join the mega alliance. When Gant left Razor he gave host Job to DocTerror who was one of our strongest fighters. I personally had also recruited a new player by the name of Mustang. Me and him were to become good friends. (More about that later)

    When Victrius Fell, Gant and Yavin quit the game completely. SirRoberts and Tarl returned to Razor to rebuild, Isnertam went to Phantom and changed his name to Beelzebub.
    Before the week was out SirRobberts quit. Dacia was still POUNDING bohemia, and Mentats war city had killed about 8 players by himself. (Ahso a farmer who actually enjoyed farming and Crystal, Ahso’s wife to name a few) they all quit.

    It was at this time that Docterror approached me and asked if I would like to try hosting for a while. In my stupidity I accepted. Doc had to leave the game as his work had picked back up again and was unable to play. SO he found Mentats war city and unloaded every last troop he had into the city. Pults, Ballista, millions of archers and scouts, and layers. He dumped a good 10-20 mill honour on Him which in those days was HUGE honour for one player. Some alliances didn’t have 20 mill honour at that stage.

    at this point id seen very little fighting in my area, Tarl was 800k prestige, and I was 400kish and together we locked down the area with npcs (this was before random npc clearings) so no one could get close. I had started 10 farming and Tarl had been doing it for weeks. Mustang was growing quickly, and becoming an asset to the team. Kaetrina was another of our members, who played socially but still had a sizeable army of one million archers. (Something only her and Tarl could say they had at the time I’d lost a heap on reins and mustang was still building.)

    Mustang had a red player port on him whos name I don’t remember, and killed his troops while he slept. So when he came online and the foe was still sending waves, I coordinated archer waves to land 1 second before enemy attacks and mustang would send them home as soon as bird stopped (so when he scouted there were no defences, confused the hell out of the poor fellow). We did this for about 4 hours. Killed millions of troops, Eventually Mustang had to go so he truced up, this continued for a few days, us killing troops, him resending them.

    then one day at the normal time for attacks none came, So we scouted and realised he was quite low on troops (down to about 200k arch and a 200k scouts) so I launched some archers waves and a few scout bombs and stang launched some of the same and we ended up clearing the city and nearly capped it, he came online and ported out.

    This was the first time we had come close to coordinating attacks. It was a sign of times to come.

    The End of Razor, Birth of Saber

    Razor was still hurting tho. We had lost about 6 hitters to Victrius and now most of those who had stayed had quit, and then losing Doc and his brothers to work, We Were down on players. Tarl was our main guy, and Kaetrina our main woman. We had a few Guys who were less than 200k prest and a few who were under 500k. Most of the latter had some troops, in 1 or 2 cities. So we needed out of this war.

    I started talking with the guys and girls of Razor and we all thought the same thing. We needed out.
    So I mailed Dacia host, who at the time had recently become Mentat, as Burebista had quit at that point. And told him we were over and were leaving razor and starting fresh, if he and Dacia would leave us alone we wouldn’t go back to supporting MISC. as MISC hadn’t helped us in the slightest we didnt.

    And Saber was born. We moved over all our still active players over and began rebuilding.

    Weeks passed and we grew. Mustang overtook me in prestige and his hero HobGoblin was the 2nd strongest in Saber. Kaetrina left Saber to join Phantom to learn the game better. Then came our first real fight as a new group, we had a fairly decent presence in central Bohemia, and before long we attracted attention of Camelot.

    To be continued....
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    Camelot hit Alauddin and his family in there large hub in bohemia, they defended for a while but were over run, Ala’s family dropped reins in and the Camelot fellow stopped. I tried diplomacy, they agreed to stop. We thought it was over.

    Then Camelot ported in another porter and the first guy a 2nd city and capped one of Aliuddins (Son of Alauddin) cities. They wanted war it seemed. So we asked for help from Phantom. Phantom agreed to help as we were coming up rankings pretty fast and could be good allies.

    Phantom started wreaking havoc on the Camelot city’s in Bohemia, and Tarl, took an npc down by the Ala family, and after just 24 hours and a pile of scoutbombs from mustang and Tarl we capped aliuddins city back I believe and the other 2 ported out there cities. And begged Phantom and us for peace. It was the first demonstration of our military power, and we must have impressed Phantom, because they ended up backing us from then on.

    It is worth wile to note, that Phantom thrashed Camelot around Bohemia for those 48 hours of war. They were out classed something fierce.

    the Phantom months

    by this time, my Friends from ANZAC had quit for a few months. They decided to come back when they saw how strong I was and Saber was. This added more firepower to our group, but we had no idea how to use troops effectively. So after extended periods of quiet I decided to go to Phantom for a while to learn a bit so I could get better at the game and due to SaVageZ, a top 10 alliance declaring on Phantom. This turned out to be for the better, I learnt a lot in Phantom and saw my first REAL red war city, And the first real coordination on a war city.
    SaVageZ had declared on Phantom (one of the reasons I went there was to help fight SaVz) When I got there, Cheeba had been ported on by a SaVz hitter Called Apogee, he had so many scouts we couldn’t get a report, So all the players in the area sent scouts in both bombs and scouts (myself included) to hit that fellow. The whole alliance scouted and scout bombed the bejezzuz outta him. We eventually descouted him, and bombed him further we must have dumped over 6 million scouts into that town. Before too long Apogee had ported out, and we didn’t see too much more from SaVz before the war ended and before too long the epic war SaVz had with there arch enemy’s CTHUTHLU picked back up, so they Phantom and SaVz stopped waring.

    Then FFF declared on Phantom and there were a few FFF around me, so I attacked and capped good 3-4 cities. I learnt a bit about why some troops don’t work on some defences but didn’t understand the mechanics so I just assumed it was random. Later I would learn otherwise.
    By now the MISC “Monstrosity” was on the decline, Most of its sister alliances had fallen, and olny MISC© really had any firepower left. Phantom was waring MISC at this point and when Phantom asked Mustang to hit a MISC city, which he later capped in bohemia so Saber got declared on.

    Cheeba had left Phantom to Join the newly formed Tercio with Deutronomy and some former MISC5 members. This caused havoc on Phantom, as most of the rest of the high command were either in holiday or not diplomatic players. And since MISC had declared on Saber I decided I better leave Phantom to rejoin Saber to fight MISC who were far from beat.

    We had minor battles with MISC including me taking a valley a MISC player had sent at, however I sent 100k arch and he sent 20k arch and a few layers, so I won, That was about all the hitting of MISC I did, There were no MISC city’s nearby anymore, Most had retreated to MISC turf in Saxony to regroup. Then a stroke of luck came to the coalition against MISC©, There high command got banned by Evony for use of bots and alltho they reformed as MISC (no ©) there time was over and the magic gone. I still have a lot of respect for the MISC hitter’s, they had SERIOUS army’s at the time. A few of their hitters went to CTHUHLTU or however you spell it, But before long reset there accounts.

    Most major MISC names quit within 3 months of the MISC© falling.

    The war that made us famous.

    Anyone who knew of Saber on server six remembers us fighting EIRE. Eire was the fighters of Myth who wanted a War olny alliance. They got their wish, they took up residence in Both Moravia and Bohemia, the latter being our home state.

    In the first day of the war I attempted Diplomacy, but they didn’t want a bar of it. So we went to our first full scale war.
    EIRE absorbed a few smaller alliances in the early days, and became quite powerful after some time.

    The first city cap of the war was by yours truly, VS a small 300k prestige guy, (I was about 900k prest now) he was online and got sick of comforting lol. This began a Massive city trade off. They capped a great many more cities’ than we did, but never of a major player, we had quite a few inactives and Spys amongst us, and we lost somewhere around 50 city’s really fast. Then we gained some momentum.

    Phantom fell Due to internal troubles, and the players split between Deadly, Dacia, Tercio and Saber. We olny got about 4 guys. TCW, Barrow, Bucket and Collingwood, All of whom were well trooped and decent heroed. My main hero Voodoo was almost instant warriors, the highest hero in the alliance, with mustangs the 2nd highest at about 350 attack and Hillborns behind him at 300ish, all Tarls heroes were next. (He had almost every hero at 250 attacks. HUGE at that time) Kaetrina quit around this time due to arguments with Hillborn and Archoan.

    Hillborn Is one of my RL friends, along with his brothers Archoan, Ricoharry and Outlaw90 and Father Tippy Saber was getting quite a force to be reckoned with. We got another stroke of luck when my former host Docterror and his son Gambit the Great came back to the game. Doc became a powerhouse and so did Gambit.
    We were still losing city’s, but olny inactive player’s city’s. Eire was going through millions of troops trying to beat us on multiple fronts. Our famed last minute reinforcements killed millions upon millions of troops. TCW taught us all how to beat EIREs scout heavy players with his Swordsman defence, because when offline, he caused 3 of EIRE's BIG hitters over 4 hours, 3 million scouts and 1.5 mill archers and didn’t break TCW’s city with olny 200k archers and 300k swordsmen. They ended up forcing a CD on him by removing his traps and couldn’t remove layers. They lost a LOT of troops for the time on one city.
    So we started packing massed swords in most cities. This is when I first met KingBean.

    KingBean wanted me. He had some idea about beating me and alliance falls. Unfortunately for me he had scouts, and lots of them… he descouted me one night and from that point onward descouted me for 4 months in every city daily. I ended up hiding scouts and archers and swords in valleys and ally’s towns and Killed a heap of KingBeans troops with minimal defences Before too long I had 1 million archers, 1.2 million swords and 1.2 mill scouts, and 20k rams in the one town plus others in other towns. I moved all of them to the town near king bean and got hillborn to rein me with another million scouts. Then I descouted him. This put me down to about 600k scouts (cause my hero was bigger than kingbeans) I then got mass scoutbombed by a few EIRE players. Fortunately 1.2 mill swords take a REALLY long time to s/bomb down.

    I then hit king bean with my 20k rams and archers which cleared his layers and then we scoutbombed his archers to death. He was reinforced and so we waited. The next day, reins had gone home, so I slammed his city with cavs and archer waves and capped the city, capping a 79 base attack hero.

    After this, The War raged for some time with EIRE having run out of inactives and low prestige players they couldn’t beat us, but our moral was low. We would have to rein 5-10 city’s a day. And they were killing the reins, so we were losing troops. There were a few more Battles like Nomad VS one of the EIRE hitters where Hillborn saved Nomad daily from attacks by last min reins and Tarl eventually got sick of the EIRE fellow and we just saw the Eire post in WC:
    Holy ____!!! Tarl is sending a tonne at me!!!!

    Another important thing that happened here was Docterror left the game for the 2nd time as once again work had come around.

    Still don’t know what Tarl sent, I do know he was in possession of Over 500k cav, and 200k cataphracts, and 2 mill of each scout and archers AFTER he bombed the hell out of that Eire fellow.

    A pest of that war was Gansta666, He frequently attacked smaller players much smaller then he (he was 1.2 mill prest, the average player he hit was under 100k prestige) However when faced with trouble, He would teleport, and mouth on WC. He ported from me on at least 2-3 occasions and more than a few times from Tarl and Hillborn We began to call the brown that chases you around the map when you scroll around too much Gansta porting from people. He challenged me to a 1v1 at one point for control of his alliance (when he left EIRE) on the day I was spost to fight him, I send 1 scout he ported, and winged to me I’d gotten Camelot to kill his city, Funny thing was we had been Grey with Camelot since they attacked us.
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    We continued to war EIRE right up till 3 days before the server merger. I lost the first city I ever lost to them 5 days before the merger, just before we agreed on a mutual peace to prep for the server merger.
    Around this time I was to join Tercio, again to assist Cheeba paying back one of the favors I owed her, for backing us in her Phantom days. I was there for less than 24 hours.
    Id moved some archers out of each city to bulk my war city up a tad, and Tercio went to war with Dacia overnight. Theodred of Dacia was near one of my city’s witch I had taken the most troops from, so he nearly capped the city before I was booted. The next day I jumped into their training alliance where I built nonstop for a few months till I was 3x the army in each city, EIRE had restarted its efforts on Saber and Tercio had declared on Saber so I came back. We saw nearly no action from The Former Phantom boys, as they still considered us allys.

    This time the war died out pretty fast, and mostly consisted of long range scoutings. Ended as soon as it started really. But there were a few battles over that period of time (for instance it is when I returned from Tercio’s sister alliance that I beat down KingBean)

    The Xerxes1 Saga

    When I first saw Xerxes1, He was called KiLlZ4LiFe or something like that. (I later found out he was called Blackbeard beforehand) He wanted my lvl 10 farm (one of the better ones in bohemia) and thought I’d be a pushover. Little did he know I had homies.

    He landed in my 10 farm and I tried to diplomatically get him out, (he was in SavZ99 at the time, Sister to SaVageZ who I did frequent diplomacy work with. When he refused to move, myself and Hillborn attacked him using ballista to decent effect killing about 50k arch alone. Then he came online and truced. When he left truce, he caught me offline and capped my city. Mind you it cost him 100k ballista to do so. (Flat 100k ballista/5k pults and 20k rams wave killed my 80k archers and 80k warrior I think I won tbh)

    This was upsetting as it was the last city of Yavin (apart from the one he still held) that existed (Id taken it off him) and he Npced the city. Luckily my main heroes were in other towns at the time.

    So Myself, Hillborn and Archoan took lvl 10s around him, and moved in troops. At this time on the server, Mech warfare was unheard of, however I being a forum user had seen reports of Massive kills with mech units against archer defences. Not to mention I tried to keep 10k ballista per city for lvl 5 farming, an old habit from the first way I learned to break lvl 10 npcs, Tarls method to be exact. I’d also built 10k catapults, so I moved them down and a large amount of ballista, (about 25k,) and Hillborn moved down his whopping 50k ballista and Archoan his 30k ballista.

    Xerxes had the following in the city: nearly 500k archers, 50k ballista (heal of what hit me) 100k cav and some decent layers (50-100k layers)

    Hillborn sent the first wave, a 40k ballista rainbow, designed to clear as many archers as possible. This was followed by my 10k bally/pult wave planned as the main damage dealer this was followed by Archoans 30k bally wave and a hell of a lot of scoutbombs from Tarl, and scoutbombs from all 3 of us in city’s next to Xerxes.

    These all landed within 4-5 seconds. Our first mech onslaught killed all of his layers (over 100k cav included) and over 200k archers (mine accounting for 95k arch kill alone alone) but we still had to deal with the heal of his mech wave on me, which was a sizable 50k ballista. We scoutbombed over 300k archers away, and the 50k ballista when once again he comes online, leaves SaVz99 and Joins Dacia, Our old foe we still landed scoutbombs after he went in and had blue lines constantly.

    The then Diplomacy person of Dacia was Zink, Who had gone to Dacia when Ravens 2 merged into Dacia earlier that month. Zink mailed me and asked us to stop attacking. I was fuming; Xerxes had dodged an ass whupin. We went to bed steaming. The next day I wake up and see Xerxes is no longer in Dacia, I mail Zink and get told he used to be Blackbeard, someone who had caused major problems for Dacia back in the day. So he’s free game, I send him a LOT of thank you notes.

    I woke Hill and Archoan and we slammed the 200k arch he had moved in with our remaining mechs and scoutbombs, and I ended up capping the city, causing Xerxes 450 attack hero to flee (t'was excalled) my main hero Voodoo was olny 490 attack Excalled. Xerxes winged it was 3 on 1, I said it meant less losses to bring homies.

    I thought this would be the last we would see of Xerxes, but it wasn’t.

    He turned up a few months later in an alliance called merks, led by KrazyTrav. These guys were ex SaVageZ and knew what they were doing. KrazyTrav (host of merks) and a few other Merks ported into a major Saber clump (Mine/Tarl/Hillborn/Archoan/Nomad/TheMike/Mustangs city’s within 40 miles)
    KrazyTrav came with a monster war city of over 2 mill scouts and about the same in archers

    we were planning on killing KrazyTrav first cause he was the biggest player there, Until Xerxes ported on Nomad, one of our smaller players. Hillborn was ****ed at the nerve of him, So he adv ported his war city a total of 9 miles so he could be 1 mile from Xerxes1, Xerxes hit while Hill was in cool down but hill just gated hits and truced out the last 12 hours. Hill was packing a bit more then KrazyTrav, and some mechs. (About 60k ballista and 10k pults) When hill came out of truce he came out swinging. He smacked all 400k arch Xerxes brought to play with and repeatedly killed Reins from KrazyTrav he ran out of mechs and scouts from bombing Xerxes so he cleared wall defences and arch waved Trav’s archer reins over and over and over. By the time he Xerxes ported he had something like 30 mill honour and had been taken to 15 loyalty no less than 10 times (speech texted)

    We spoke to KrazyTrav afterwards and he said they had olny come because Xerxes had said that Saber might be a fun war, I remember Trav saying He didn’t expect what we did, and it was just Hillborn hitting (tho I think Archoan and Tarl were bombing the other porters that ported in) When I came online I prepared to take on Trav but it was all over by then. We had just thrashed Xerxes online and killed his city for the 3rd time. And that was one on one. He had no reason to complain now lol.

    He was shortly booted from Merks and The Merks players ported home.
    The Merger

    Server merger rumours had been about since Evony had started merging servers a few months back. We heard rumours of a Merger coming up but I doubted it. Then Evony announced we were to be merged. I’d seen a Server Merger before on S107, and knew it ment trouble for us. We decided to join The Virulent family as despite our strength, we had nothing on an enemy server, and Server 4 had been smart mouthing on forums so the whole server planned to teach them how we roll on S6.
    We moved over pretty fast, To MiniVee where we all got settled and met the people we didn’t know.

    On the 30th of august 2010 the servers went down for 8 hours while the servers merged.

    The V family had decided on Thuringia as a home state after the merger, so we all adved city’s there and waited out cool down.

    Personally I made a VERY dumb move. I came out of the 7 day bp early, to try and fill up the state a bit with npcs, this attracted the attention of most of the Greys (former server 4 alliance G.T.F.O, and StkForce and Entropy of server 5.) who were in the area, and I got hammered for about 72 hours straight. Id killed a heap of troops on the first and 2nd day buy I was losing cities overnight. I got down to about 4 cities from 9 total at one point, not to mention less than 50k archers per city. As our other guys came out the weight lifted off just me alone, but we were getting hammered by the constant ports through the state.

    Before too long we merged all still standing hitters into Virulent to counter the huge number of foes we now faced. We fought over that state for a few weeks versing 90% of Server 5s alliances, and G.T.F.O from server 4.

    The V family was one of the first to fall to the server 5 super coalition, Soon We had low morale and low troops, and we ended up abandoning Thuringia for Carinthia, a far less populated state. We also left the Virulent Name and became Reborn, Quintt stayed on (host Of Virulent). Here we still had enemy hitters wailing on us, but nowhere near the savagery had we faced before the mass port to Carinthia.

    We soon rebuilt, and realised that Imperium (reformed Tercio and Cthu, and Pheonix and a few other power alliances) and Dacia and server 5 had thrashed the Sion mouthpiece that had caused so much trouble on forums. Sion copped it harder than we did, as they were less prepared, we heard rumours of Sion cities loaded with olny 200k archers and 2 mill warriors and billions of resources, The Sion coalition had gotten lapse after defeating the other mega coalition of server 4, Nafta and as such had paid dearly for it.

    We now started to rebuild when Quintt went back to war against Server 5 alliances. So we all left reborn and re-joined Virulent, We looked after our mate. Now we copped less of a hiding then before. As we were more settled and not defending 5-6 cities each at any one time. We held our ground but it soon became noticeable that Quintt had suffered a blow to his pride as a host and his moral. He doubted if he was doing what was right. I had gone through the same thing after nearly 12 months war with EIRE so I understood better than most what he was going through.
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    Reborn again in Vigilant

    Quintt decided he would disband Virulent as he didn’t want us to simply follow him again, as he felt he had somehow wronged us.

    So when we had worked out a new alliance name, we left Quintt for the last time.

    We started Vigilant under the command of DebbieDo, with vice hosts Docterror and Repoman. Doc had returned shortly before the server merger and was rebuilding a monster account as payback for early server, the rest of us followed in suit. Another name who had been in the background until now was Phat1, Phat was less than 1 mill prestige when the servers merged. A fairly quiet player, who became a monster.

    Vigilant had a good playerbase. We had solid hitters like the former V family guys of Guess_who, Repoman, Docterrror, TCW and many other deserving names. We had also collected DavidK700(satansangel) from Imperium when it finally fell due to inner alliance troubles, We gained The Ex SaVageZ players Eric0095 who was on the brink of quitting, Brom, and several other hitters of SaVz plus we had a few hitters from all over the place here.

    The First Vigilante War.

    Asmodeus was the first alliance to redeclare on Vigilant. We also had The_Just, Entropy and there sisters and I believe NeoCrux red to us at the time, but The_Just, Entropy and Neocrux and all sisters were busy with the likes of Nemesis and Dacia

    Asmo became our primary war, and we were built by now, so what ensued was a bloodbath on both sides.

    Small fights popped up everywhere, When we were hit we retaliated 10 fold. At one point Evintide of Entropy ported in to our state and sent attacks at Docterror, we later found out on the forums he had more than 30 archer waves headed at him at one point of his stay.

    some of our hitters were getting very heavy war cities, SatansAngel was known to carry 300kish ballista and some pults plus 10 million scouts, Docterror had over100k ballista 300k catapults, and over 10 million scouts and Phat1 had nearly 1 million ballista’s, 200k pults and 6 mill+ scouts Most of our guys carried a minimum of 2 mill scouts. This lead to the best fight I’ve ever seen.

    Phat1 ported into Asmo territory with Satans angel, while Guess_who and myself started some trouble in our home state with some red cities.
    Phat landed in amongst a lot of reds. About 4 players over 30 mill prestige.

    Phat created his self-titled Phatspam which was mini mech waves sent with every hero minus pol and main attack hero to spam loyaty, if they opened they lost tonnes of troops and if they closed they lost lots of res from the porters he had in the wave. Phat battled those players for a good few 6-7 hours before he went one on one with HARDCORE of Asmo, Who was well armed for back then, same as Phat was. That battle lasted about 4 hours and Phat decided he’d had enough of feeding his -170 mill burn, and let every one of Hardcores waves hit his troops, Phat lost a LOT of troops (over 5 mill arch, and all his mechs) and hardcore lost a fair bit too. It was a bloodbath, and both players heros skyrocketed (phats to just past insta archers idk about Hardcores)

    From here on out I lost touch with the game, my real life band started to gig heavily and my friends Hillborn and Archoan had quit just before the fall of Virulent.

    We had caused some serious havoc on Asmo and they did the same to us. Then the other Reds started to focus on us again TJ having ended there war with Dacia, we became a prime targets again. Then we were struck with Inactivity of DebbieDo. That hurt the alliance greatly. And hurt our moral more.

    DocT took over the Host Job, as they knew he had previous hosting experience, and I for one wanted to get him back for dumping me in the hosts position. So DocTerror took up the host position with Repoman and bruceLee taking up the VH positions.

    Before too long our war with Asmo thinned out as some of the server 5 alliances declared on them, and we had to fight our other reds who had taken a new interest in us. We were also starting to loose players to inactivity, DocTerror had work time coming around again, and was on less and less, Dispite his large army.

    By now we were starting to notice EVERYONE had sister alliances all over the place except for us. It was later we realised they weren’t actual players but were auto farming players to feed some of the larger players of the server. Bots had hit ss38.

    Now server 6 had had 1 freezer account on the server since the early days of SaVageZ VS CTHULTU war this account, if you scouted it with 1 scout and any of any other troop type would stay there indefinitely without eating food, and olny taking up one single rally spot.
    This accounts city locations was to become the battlegrounds for wars to come…
    There was one of its cities in Carinthia, Easily spottable by every npc within 10 miles was a high prestiges city. Everyone wanted free upkeep on their troops.

    We moved a few cities in there to Fight some red players but found we were outgunned and ended up porting most of ours out. At this time I gained a whopping 400 attack hero on a mech wave.

    Vigilant was starting to get less and less active, players who had been powerhouses for us like Satansangel (DavidK700) Guess_who both had left, along with some of the sion fellows we picked up all left. DavidK and GW went to SEDITION which had former EIRE and Imperium players in it among others.

    Sedition later Declared on Vigilant, but we didn’t see too much action before Sedition became part of The Just, Just**** and Nemesis among others.

    Dacia, Chill and Vigilant were the last 3 remaining primarily server 6 player dominant alliances.
    I had a pile of friends in Dacia from my early days, as well as mates from Phantom and even some Vigilant players.

    Chill had split off from Dacia after continued fighting with most of the server. Many of the former Ravens2 players were the bulk of Chill. (More about this later)

    Vigilant was in its final phase, We had lost a lot of players to inactivity, Docterror had returned to work, bruceLee(mustang) had lost his internet, a problem that would trouble him to this day, Repoman was playing less and less being on the Road (Truck driver) I was helping run Diplomacy, and those we had needed time to rebuild.

    Id always wanted to Join Dacia, because it had always seemed like a fun alliance.
    At this point we were waring Veterans_6 fairly heavily. Doc had done some damage before he finally stopped logging in but the war was pretty quiet. Till I went to Dacia.

    I joined Dacia partly because I was asked too, and partly because someone had to begin merging Vigilant over to Dacia because Vigi’s days were numbered unfortunately. We needed more active players to help protect offline peeps.

    DocTerror came back for a week or 2, and wanted to go out with a bang, so we found a nice clump of Red cities owned by Crozza, LittleBug and JVL939, and ported a few Vigilant guys and myself and TCW of Dacia in. (both of us Vigilant guys)

    Docterror brang the heavy artillery, and I brought the tactics, and before long Crozza was up a MASSIVE 68 million honour, Little bug was up 35 million honour and JVL was up 18 million honour. We cleaned Crozza out twice, nearly broke LittleBug and I believe we cracked Jvl, However all truced and moved more in, so the next morning we broke Crozza again, and I slammed the remainder of my mechs into LittleBug who had the most left and killed a good 370k archers of his 400k.

    Then LORDBAZ and LORDKESER of Chill both ported there monster war cities in and soon all 3 reds Ported there cities out. You can see the map HERE:
    that is where that battle is described in more detail.

    Within a week of being in Dacia, I’d lost a city. You gotta bleed for any alliance you’re in I guess. I had a decent main hero (instant scouts) and an instant trap pol hero.

    I then had SuperTed and FooGoo of Vets_6 port and land above my main city, so I launched mechs at Superted and arch/porters at FooGoo, Because Ted had gates open and I couldn’t get a report, and I could on Foogoo, Well my trans Bluelined on Foogoo and my mechs made a mess of Superteds archers.

    Then I had GHOSTR1DER port on me, He had instant pults and a big pol hero, and between him, SuperTed and Foogoo they capped my city before I got online. I lost my Trap hero. Lucky Voodoo was in another city at the time.

    Later I get a insta Abitis hero, so no biggie.

    Around about now, Phat1 Decided to quit ss38, after some drama with the Dacian high command, He gives me his main attack hero when he goes. It’s close to instant archers. Ssf gets a big gun.
    Also Chill Re-joins Dacia and Bitty Becomes host of Dacia. I also went on a Mechanic learning spree, and Try to learn everything I can about the game and how to play it better, since I had had so many big players on my doorstep with monster war city’s I had to use knowledge to keep up with their monster upkeep. It got me out of a lot of casualty’s, and cost me some in some cases.
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    ssssssssffffdrdrawers. You can't tell me to stop being who I am.

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    I start to rebuild faster and faster now with a bigger hero and its olny resources that hold back my size. I build up -50 to -70 mill burn war cities weekly and port them on reds.

    Then BLACKKNITE of Crucifix (Crucifix is a merged NeoCrux and sisters together) ports near me, I throw some troops, but do bugger all damage. Kill a bit of archers I’m told, (No 10%) later he caps my scout farming town and causes my instant abatis hero to flee. So now I have 2 decent attack Heros and no good politics hero. This hinders my defence capabilities a lot.

    I still keep building up bigger and bigger war cities and porting them out, and one such time I happen to land near BLACKKNITE and a pile of his alts, BLACKKNITE is in holidays, and one of those alts is holding 30 BILLION food. I jump at that chance and take the lot. This later causes me lots of trouble.

    I had Kijo of Crucifix port on me for the first time as Vengeance for BLACK’s food. I defended, and end up holidaying for a week to let it blow over. I end up having 2 fillers beside my war city for close to a month after she leaves.

    At about this time, Crucifix was our main war, But USarmy_6 and Veterans_6 was getting too big for their boots and had started hitting us. So we decided to put some pressure on them for a while. Show them how we roll in the big boy’s league. One weekend we ported on masse into many states with the goal of hitting as many USarmy and Vets_6 as we could. Unfortunately I was out of town and couldn’t participate, but even so we gave them a thrashing of a life time. We continued to hit them all week, and by the end of it they had lost a few cities and millions of troops. Even there biggest hitters couldn’t keep up with the numbers of some of our guys. (Namely the likes of Moneyshot and Tigrlily, who both carried over 3 mill of each mech unit)

    within a month or 2, USarmy_6 and Veterans_6 where ghost towns and had merged together to form ArmyVets which has continued to war us since its creation to better effect then before.

    The Crux war became ugly. Players on both sides stoped caring if they were thought of as barstards, or worse and so tactics got nasty. Bot spam from alts is traded on both sides even some mains botspamed, Sometimes for weeks. Every time Mentat comes out of holiday one of Crux’s fighters ports immediately on him, Other players use bots to time attacks to gain an upper hand to try to swing the war one way or another on both sides, but it doesn’t change the outcome. Our team starts spreading farming alts throughout enemy states, same as we have had to put up with since the early days I joined Dacia, War cities grow on both sides, into the ridiculous, with Pier and Mechadon being said to house over 10 million total mechs. Its probably more now.
    Fillers Became constant neighbours, and some were built up to fighting accounts in some cases. Whole alliances became alts and inactivity hits both sides HEAVLY. Players drop out for whatever reason be it works, sickness, sick of the game whatever but both sides lose fighters and eventually it’s the same names in WR all the time.

    Because the war with Crux had deteriorated so far, we decided we had to back up or we would all end up slipping into that ugliness and we might not escape it.

    We started focusing more on our other Reds Entropy and The Just and found them to be ripe with resources due to long periods of hardly fighting us, Nemisis1 had been fighting them both but couldn’t field the number of war cities needed to find the res hordes left around by TJ and Ent.

    This is when I started to grow. I would port weekly, and look JUST for those massive res hordes, Sneak closer and take as much as I could. Sometimes I would get away with billions upon billions of resources. So I built more troops and my Heros grew. Subterfuge had been building me and was able to provide me with an Instant Treb hero, so my firepower increased again. But not without loss.

    Due to the ugliness of the war between us and Crux as I said botspam was a common thing to see, so sometimes you forget to ask if someone being spammed is ok. Well one of our hitters, and best defenders Realsledge was being botspammed for about a week. He lost 2 citys and quit soon after. It was a shame to see such a fighting force of Dacia go so suddenly. Then just a few weeks after losing Sledge, we learn that Tigrlily is starting her new course and is going to quit Evony to focus on that, and Moneyshot (zomBslayer) will be quitting too. This was another kick in the teeth for us. As those 2 are some of our biggest fighters with both of them having war cities to rival many of our reds best fighters. We also Lost SSmashin, a player who had good game knowledge and a sizable army due to arguments with our high command, it was a shame to see smash go.

    But all is not over for Dacia, Not by a long shot. We have new blood filling the shoes of as the old leavers. Ever and Malacoda both started bulking up there war citys to replace some of the hole left by Tig and Money, But We’ve also gained some great players too
    Some massive wars have occurred too with the ArmyVets and Entropy hitters, including the battle for Ever/Malacoda/SSmashin’s hub, which drew in players from ArmyVets and Entropy. And more of our fighters ported in.

    Another great battle I missed out on was the mass Dacian port on Mechadon76, who ended up taking on about 6-7 Dacian fighters by himself, due to the massive damage reduction provided by his intel hero and some poor coordination on our part. Later in that same fight, a HUGE number of enemy fighters ported in to fight our guys, an awesome tactical move on their part. Needless to say we lost that one.

    Recently, I and others have tried to avoid conflict with the Crucifix fighters, in search of a less ugly war. I’ve personally had major battles with a few of Crux’s higher ups, and higher ups from Entropy and TJ and while I always lose number wise ( I don’t have at least 2 million mechs to hang with their numbers) I always try to stick around and fight where possible. But enough about Dacian history and time for more ssf history.

    I’ve met and fought some of the best this server has to offer, and some I’ve even got to fight alongside some of them too. It’s been one hell of an experience to play with everyone I’ve met over the course of 3 years here. I’ve made some great mates and some good foes. Some of my most memorable battles have been: VS Romeo of Crucifix, VS Kijo of Crucifix, VS Evintide of Entropy, VS BURBERRY of Entropy, VS wOOzY of The_Just, VS Kiki of The_Just. All of those were MASSIVE learning curbs for me, As each and every one of Them has a massive war city, And in some cases it was me porting on them, not the other way around as per usual lol, (For instance when I tried my luck in Evintides Clump VS about 5 of his citys lol.)

    My battle with Evintide:
    id ported shortly after maint, Hoping to find some big resources or some big archer citys to dump some mechs on as, like normal I couldn’t feed what I had.
    Id ported into Franconia or mabey Swabia, I forget exactly which and scouted a pile of citys to no luck, so id randomed again into the same state, And landed about 7 miles from several of Evintides citys, So I sent scouts at em all, And got a scout on most of the citys, the 2 that interested me the most were his war city and his res drop off city, His res drop city was 1.4 miles from the OLNY npc close by, and his war city was just below that, at about 2.2 miles, He did then and does now pack a significant war city, but still manageable (compared to some war citys of today) , and his res drop of city was well guarded with 14 million archers.

    I tried my luck at his resources and tried for some good reports from his 14 mill archers guarding his resource town, and I even ended up killing about 1.5 million before he got online, Then proceeded to Try and crack his rock solid defence, but my lacking numbers were starting to show, as id used up over 60% of my mechs and my scouts were pretty low too. I was coming close to hitting ballista with mechD breakers but it was costing me too much to do and with olny one nearby city to fire from other then the capped 10, I couldn’t get as many breakers in as I would have liked too (one of the problems of running 9 citys at all times, can’t take more than 1 lvl 10 when porting.)

    by the end of it, I could only throw a single mech wave with my best mech hero (760ish attack at the time, Id excaled him to that along with my 400 attacker and another of my mini mech heros Very expensive, but if im gonna hang with the big boys I gotta make up for my lack of artillery Lol.) and the rest of the waves into mechD breakers, Some were archer based mechDBreakers because id nearly exhausted my mechs.

    Twas an awesome battle however, I don’t often get to attack such a big player, normally when they show up, I tend to get a huge pile of honour to my name and lose a great deal of troops to there overwhelming might, and I do honestly hope he enjoyed it as much as I did, as I do with most of my battles.

    That’s just one of the many battles ive had over the last 9 months, where along with my constant searching for ways to better learn the battle mechanics of the game, I got some practical practice in too. While I’m still nowhere near the best on the server, nor will I ever be, While ever I carry a war city of my size I’ll never be able to Truly defeat a opponent as big as much of my red list, But I allways try to give it a bloody good go.

    And that really brings us up to the last 2 months. I’ve had great Battles with the following players from our red list: Kijo, BLACKKNITE, Romeo, Mechadon76, Kiki, wOOzY, Evintide, Burberry, Takahe, Nuram, BUBBA, and a great number more, But I can’t think of them all off the top of my head.

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    ssssssssffffdrdrawers. You can't tell me to stop being who I am.

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    Some words I try to live by in this game:
    1. Where’s the fun in Victory, If there’s no chance of Defeat.
    2. You can always rebuild.
    3. There is always someone bigger.
    4. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that matters
    5. If you get your butt whupped enough, eventually you learn how to fight pretty well.
    6. If you’ve not bled for an alliance, you’re not in it.
    7. If you can’t beat them, Bring more next time, If that doesn’t work, Bring homies.
    8. Rock N Roll Aint Noise Pollution.
    9. Hit a feeder/alt 9 of 10 times the main shows up. Exeption to the rule: hit a The_Just feeder/alt and wOOzYwill show up. (now Kiki seems to have left the game)
    10. Take Everything ssf says as a joke, How can you take someone seriously who facerolled his own name?

    Now for some love for the homies:
    Special thanks MentatDH you were a good foe and a better ally.
    Special Thanks to Mustang, for helping me fight Eire every day of server 6, if it wasn’t for you and your last min reins id probably have lost a great many citys back then.
    Special Thanks to Goldy, for the treb hero and for constantly making me wrack my brains for bits of knowledge about the game you want to know.
    Special thanks to the Former EIRE boys and girls, although we have never been Blue and always red, Yall have always been good sports and good foes, one day we will be blue.

    Now for some of the best players I’ve had the pleasure of battling alongside and why this will take a bit:
    Isnertam – Grrr….kill…. hehehe.
    Docterror – Probably owe you the most, because if you hadn’t made me host I might not be here.
    Tarl – Shame you quit, you would have been a monster now days. You were a beast in your day.
    Kaetrina – Taught me a lot, without realising it about more then just Evny.
    Mustang – good solid teammate.
    TCW – one of my best fighters, can’t wait till you come back, eventually.
    Hillborn, Archoan, Outlaw90 and RicoHarry – best team for attacking I’ve seen yet.
    Quintt – don’t feel bad about Virulent. You were a good host. You treated players well and went down with your ship, That takes guts.
    Slice – Deadly player. Simply deadly.
    Petycain and Handfull – Still good folks after all this time, much respect for the both of you.
    Repoman – you were a powerhouse in your later days, Work got in the way tho, drive safe mate.
    DebbieDo – Good host, great mate.
    GRRRRR – enthusiastic fighter, damn good army.
    Brom – Solid army and one hell of an attacker and teammate.
    LordBaz – Solid army and a great attacker too. Worked wonders with Keser.
    LordKeser – Solid army and great attacker, with Baz you made a mean team.
    WhyHello - What can I say? He’s whyhello; he loves you to the moooooooon. One of the funniest blokes ive had the pleasure of meeting.
    MentatDH – Still a powerhouse after all this time. Not many can do that. And remain sane. Gotta love drunk WC Tat.
    Kuratsky – Good bloke, Great fighter in his time.
    Ever – One of the bluntest fighters I’ve ever fought beside. LOVES smack talk. But can back it up.
    Malacoda – Same book as Ever – Blunt but dangerous.
    Tigrlily – Probably knew battle mechanics better than most, epic fighter, wicked defender. Worked well with Money
    Moneyshot – insane army, just crazy. One hell of a fighter. Worked wonders with Tigr
    Realsledge – Beer buddy from WC, and when the BeerBot’s defending NO ONE gets through.
    Laird - Major power, and a major supplyer to us, Great bloke.
    Goldy/Subterfuge/Brutes – man is like Ebay, he’s got what you need. Even if he is a farmer
    Vegeta, Lord-Murph, Melerina, Sri_Asoka, Tackett, Elusive_Death and co – Epic forumers, wish you all still played or at least forumed Yall made the time between farm runs fun.
    Bitty – One of the best hosts I’ve seen. You got to be good to keep us lot under control. Just remember you can’t keep everyone happy and you can’t go wrong.
    Deuteronomy – a monster since I’ve known you, damn good player.
    Cheeba – I still owe you one. Should you ever need anything I can help with I will. Did more for me than most. I still regret that I never got to port on MISC with you
    Burebista – For creating Dacia and the Dacian Legacy. We can’t be beaten.
    Sorin82 – Taught me a lot about defence, just from defending from you. Damn you were good.
    Halle – your Dacia’s Sugar daddy, Damn you got some stuff.
    DRock – Still kicking it after all these years, and still a beast.
    Blylent – another great farmer, Got what you need
    Loke – Hardly spoke but always tried to help. Deserved more recognition. Pretty good taste in music too.
    Guess_Who – Trash talking God, good fighting skills to back it up. Another WC drinking buddy.
    DavidK700 – Refuge’s greatest fight has been with Dave. Can make the quietest player talk in AC.
    Ahmshere – Weird music, cool dude, great ally.
    Eric0095 – Solid fighter, great diplomat. Even if he has retreated into the forums and not returned, Long live the king of Orange.
    SUPERMANG – its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
    Blackhands - The creator of the holy faith of the bomben, Thou art missed in the transport bomb thread.

    And of course:
    Bobagain – MACHO MACHO MAN WHO WANTS TO HIT A MACHO MAN!!!!!! Funnyest WC warrior ive ever met.
    There are so many more I could name here. But if I keep going i am going to need another page.

    Some tips for players: - Please NOTE don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just what I see and that’s how i am saying it.

    wOOzY – You are one hell of a fighter and you’ve moved forwards in absolute leaps and bounds, but you rely on size too much. Try porting around with a little less, to really test your skills. For isntance when you port on someone who olny has 100k of each mech, you probably don’t need all of your 10 million mechs It just makes it boring for those guys because they will take a pile of honour, Then get sick of not getting a chance to hit back so they will leave Fair enough bringing the kitchen sink to a guy of the same size, but to a guy with less than 10% of your army it’s just overkill. That’s where you have room to improve. It’s a bit boring fighting a war city you can’t hurt at all. Where’s the fun in victory if there’s no chance of defeat?

    Crucifix Main hitters – You all have good skills, there is No doubt in that. But I think you all need to remember it’s a game sometimes, it seems like you all are determined to kill Dacia by yourselves. Have fun with it, it’s not a job guys and girls you will find we can be decent folks, Sometimes.

    Kiki – if you have in fact quit as it seems like you have, best of luck with RL, You were a force to be reckoned with in size, skill and knowledge, I’ve not met many THAT good. You were also fun to fight despite your size, something that’s not easy to achieve with a war city of your size.

    Evintide – Since I first saw you fight Docterror in Vigilant you have come a long way, Leaps and bounds and bombens. Love your work with transporters. Looking forward to our next battle whenever that should occur.

    Burberry – When we went at it again a while back it was refreshing, Still one of the toughest buggers to defend. Great fun to battle, Gave me some experience in dealing with That pesky gate item. *Rip my horsies*

    All my guys in Dacia – If you need anything ASK me. I know some of you do not know the battle mechanics, while it’s a lot to learn and I don’t know everything I can teach you all I know if you just ask. We are still the best group on ss38 in my honest opinion. Few can survive what we have.

    I’ve probably upset some people in this thread, and as would anyone telling their side of a story.
    I’ve tried not to accuse anyone of anything by name, and if I have please shoot me a Pm and ill amend it immediately.
    It’s been one hell of a journey through this server, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet a great deal of the awesome people in it. Hope to meet and battle a few more of you before I finally find a reason to give up for good.

    And a final thank you to those who managed to read this entire monstrosity of a novel of a history. I could have waffled on 1000’s of pages about every battle I’ve ever had, but thought I’d better stop at 19 pages and over 10,000 words.

    and if all else fails TRANSPORT BOMB IT!!!!!!!

    Cheers SS38/S6 for the battles, mateship, beers, good times and memorys.

    Feel free to comment on anything ive remembered wrong and ill fix it up
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    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    ssssssssffffdrdrawers. You can't tell me to stop being who I am.

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    A fantastic read, and a great pat on the back from me, gives an interesting viewpoint to see this history and my history in the early days of server 6

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    I can't read all of ahat for the moment, I will get back to it when I have the time

    So far to note, I think that phantom alliance in the first post was the one I was in ( server 7 not 6), when server 7 came out I believe...My memory is verrrry fuzzy on it, but yeah , probably linked.

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    that was a great and fun read.

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    wow ur history sucked. not once was i in it!... good read, thanks for the story SSF
    VERY Unimportant ME of Rohan!!!

    Thanks for the Sick Sig!
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