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Thread: SOTM #5 [Voting]

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    1st/3 points - Gotta give this one to Chuk, Love the render and the sig in general.
    2nd/2 points - Kazza, Love the feel of this one. Very dark, which i think suits the render.
    3rd/1 point - Infinitus - awesome look to this one.

    Id like to point out that i acctually HATE LoTR, thanks to someone spamming the movies when they first came out. i cant stand to watch em. But this weeks works were all spectacular, you all diserver at LEAST 1 point imo.

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    1 - Morgan - Really lovely composition, and I like the render of gollum you chose. It looks like it pre-dates the movie.
    2 - Bomm - A bit of a celtic theme going on and I like it. The image is a little busy, but a creative choice.
    3 - Infinitus - I really like the text effects on Frodo's name!

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    1st-Morgan le Fay, great lighting, really finished the sig nicely
    2nd-KrazyKazza, the smokey effects and lighting really made it look good exspecially from what the render started from
    3rd-Infinitus,liked it coz it was very different design to the usual lotr sig style of sigs
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    1st place / 3 points: Morgan le Fay - I like that the focal is very clearly emphasized. The lighting can use some fixing up, but overall I like the look of it.
    2nd place / 2 points: KrazyKazza - There are some parts that look a bit off for me (the upper part of the smoke at the right and the top part of the render), but I like the atmo in this piece, kinda reminiscent of the dark side of LotR.
    3rd place / 1 point: DWorth - Nice color scheme; matches the subject perfectly. I'm not too keen on the noise at the upper right part though.

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    ::: Voting Results :::
    Click here to see the voting chart.

    Congratulations to Morgana!
    Second place goes to Infinitus.
    Third place goes to KrazyKazza.

    • Morgana didn't bother to vote for SOTM #6's theme so her bonus voting power is forfeit.

    Thank you all for participating! We hope to see you again in the next SOTM voting thread. In the meantime, SOTM #6 is now LIVE!

    Paradox won out the voting! Click here to see how the votes panned out.

    Click here to check out SOTM #6!


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