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Thread: SOTM #6 [Entries]

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    Arrow SOTM #6 [Entries]

    Greetings and welcome to the 6th Signature of the Month Contest!

    Thank you for participating in last month's SOTM: The Lord of the Rings.
    All the SOTM winners will be posted in the SOTW/SOTM Hall of Fame thread, so be sure to check it out!

    This month's theme is a Paradox!
    Think of this theme as you trying to represent a contradiction in your sig. Need examples? A better understanding? Ask any questions in the Artists' Lounge.

    Deadline: September 22nd, 2012 (Saturday), 11:59 PM Forum Time (-5 GMT)
    Entries submitted after that will not be included in the contest.

    RULES: (Must read before making one!)

    • Only users with the Knight title and above can join.
    • Only one entry per individual.
    • Signature dimensions must be between 300x100 and 400x200 pixels (WxH), and the size must not exceed 160kb.
    • Your forum name/initials/handle must be in the piece; if not, it will be disqualified.
    • The signature must be made within the entry period. Sigs made before the contest started will be considered invalid.
    • Animated entries are NOT allowed.
    • The sig must be relevant to the theme; otherwise, artist must explain how it relates to it.
    • If you feel that your entry does not match the theme, don't hesitate to consult with me.
    • Collabs are allowed, and both names (or a combination of it or both your initials) should be in the sig.
    • You may change/edit your entries (only minimal changes, not a complete overhaul) as long as the entry period hasn't ended yet.
    • Absolutely NO RIPPING! This includes: (1) using pre-made sigs by other people, (2) using an artwork, cropping it, and pasting your name on it, (3) using pre-made PSD files by other people that are tagged "LRO" (Learning Rights Only).
    • When submitting your entry, please include links to the base image(s) you used.
      Follow this format: (Don't try the links, they're fake.)

      Render used:
      Stocks used:
    • Entries that don't meet the above criteria will not be included in the voting thread.
    • All entries are still covered by the forum rules, which means no full-on nudity, profanity, or any degrading/debasing images.
    • Absolutely NO RESERVING of spots. Post only when you have an entry to submit. People reserving spots will get red-repped and their post deleted.
    • The SOTM Crew has the right to refuse an entry for whatever reason not stated above but is deemed appropriate.

    • Rep points from eric0095 (50pts)!
    • Will be sported by eric0095, with a link to your shop (if applicable) featured in her sig.
    • Voting power increased to three for SOTM #7 theme selection.

    Want to give rep and/or wear the winning sig for future SOTM's? Send me a Visitor Message!

    Now start sigging. Good luck, and remember to have fun!

    NB. Just to keep this thread uncluttered, all discussions and questions regarding this month's SOTM contest should be posted in the Artists' Lounge thread, located here: Thank you.

    People deliberately posting non-entries here will be red-repped.
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    What a theme..

    If you were to go back in time and kill yourself then who would go back in time?

    Render from vgboxart Link
    Fractal by EliteSniper177 Link
    Orange stars Ive had a while, source unknown
    Grandfather Paradox
    This is based on the same principles as the Grandfather paradox and is an accepted variation.
    Say you traveled back in time and killed your grandfather, before he conceived your father. Would you still be born? And if not, how then did you manage to travel back in the first place?

    On the same basis...
    Let us suppose that you built a time machine or found a wormhole and travelled back in time to kill yourself.
    Present: You have picked up the loaded gun and travelled into the past
    Past: Your past version of you has not yet picked up the weapon because he has yet to decide that he will travel back in time and kill himself

    Let us suppose that PRESENT you does shoot PAST you - if that were the case then who travelled back in time? because you were dead and never picked up the gun or considered it at that point.

    Next stop The Twilight Zone lol Twilight Zone intro <---just for fun
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    Amazing Siggy by Arathorn136
    Thanks so much!

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    The whole terminator franchise is based on the time paradox. In 2029 there is a war between the evil Skynet and the humans. The humans are winning and Skynet sends a terminator back in time to kill the mother of the human leader (making it the time paradox)
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    This was an attempt using negatives and shapes.

    PHP Code:
    The rest is filters and layering

    I used the negative to express the opposite. The mishmash of shapes to create the picture questions whether the picture is a random collection of slides or a picture as a whole. I got the inspiration from googling 'paradox artwork'.To be honest there is no definite explanation for this sig but it mainly comes from my imagination of a paradox. More art rather than science.
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    Thanks to Infinitus for the epic B'day pressie!

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    Lovely theme.
    SOTM #2 - Congratulations to WarSimi!

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    I like to think I bring the modern art to our sigging community.

    I would also like to add this was the technical fastest siggy I ever made.

    Purple to blue and no stock is genius like the other guize.

    Also proof of paradox:

    Zeno’s Paradoxes

    Zeno’s most popular paradox runs something like this, suppose you want to cross the room, first you have to walk halfway across, then you have to cross half the remaining distance, then half the remaining distance, and so on. There are, eventually an infinite number of distances you have to cross to get across the room, and this is impossible to do in a finite time, therefore, all motion is impossible.

    The resolution of this paradox does not require calculus, It is only necessary to point out that Zeno has assumed that the distance across the room is infinitely divisible, but not infinitely extended. Therefore the time required to cross it must also be infinitely divisible, and it is not required that the time be infinitely extended. Whether space or time are actually infinitely divisible may be a problem in modern physics, but that’s way over Poor old Zeno’s head.
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