On a quiet day on 24 December 1941, just a couple of weeks after the Japanese declaration of war on America, it seemed that despite the chaos of the Second World War, everything was at least restricted to Earth. The Russians and Germans were locked in stalemate at the edge of Moscow, the Japanese were beginning their whirlwind campaign in the Pacific, France fell a year ago and the British and Germans were fighting for control of North Africa - Auchinleck's Desert Rats against Rommel's DAK and Bastico's Italian armies.

Yet on this day, something changed. Something snapped in the fabric of the different planes. The religious called it Judgement Day, the magicians called it a planar invasion, and the soldiers of both sides called it a living hell. 12 planar gates opened in different theatres of war. The first to open was in the sleepy village of Vitogorsk, Belorussia (fictional). The inhabitants and local Germans there were slaughtered by waves of demonic creatures ranging from the fantastical to the utterly fearsome. The second opened in the French town of Caen, and the garrison there faced a desperate battle against waves of almost the same creatures. Then, the third opened in Stalingrad - there were copious numbers of Russian troops in the city at the time, and so the invasion was halted by the sacrifice of some 10,000 Russian soldiers in about 24 hours.

Then, further gates opened right in the midst of the action - Operation Crusader was halted by a planar gate opening in the thick of the fighting, obviously drawn by the bloodshed and destruction wrought by Auchinleck and Rommel's forces as they clashed on the Egypt-Libya border. The attack did not relieve Tobruk as it did in real life, which was due to the planar gate, but the invasion was contained by both sides in an impromptu truce.

Now, with the planar gates opening across the globe, the world is now forced to fight both the invasion... and of course, the Second World War rages on around them. But that doesn't stop a secret team of scientists, magicians and military figures from every side convening in secret in the Swedish city of Ängelholm in order to find a way to stop the planar incursion. They have gathered together a group of individuals who, they believe, can close the gates permanently and stop the invasion. Of course, failure is always an option. If they do fail, then the races of Earth may find themselves in... hot water, shall we say. There will be blood. But that's a good thing.

If it bleeds... you can kill it. And I'm sure not even a Balor Lord will stand up to a hail of hot lead. We think. Good luck, and happy hunting.


This is a modern fantasy RPG based off things like D20 Modern, Shadowrun and that genre. Magic and guns go hand-in-hand, although this is neither during the time of Shadowrun or D20 Modern. This is set in 1941, during the apocalypse that was the Second World War.

Now, there are fantasy elements to this. Magic. Elves. Dwarves. Panther tanks. Actually, disregard the last one, it's 1941, not 1943...

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