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Thread: Server 168 Discussion

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    the coalition will be re-organised into the First Server Empire. For a more completely controlled and better playing enviroment

    I guess that means a server where everyone is blue and your free to farm and build with no threat of attacks. Because as we all know if you get attacked and lose the attacker must be using some type of exploit... What has evony evolved into... SMH

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    Default Server 168, Week 14 Update

    Server 168 Week 14 Update

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, today marks the day the server is officially one hundred days old. With that, I'm going to do this update a little differently - I'm going to essentially recap the server through the first one hundred days and then I'll do my normal statistic analysis of the rest of the server and how it going today.

    Server History

    The server opened on October 8, 2012. On day one, several alliances that advertised on the forums opened as well as the normal first day full alliances that some have even stayed around, surprisingly. Players coined like crazy, and massive prestige was gained.

    After the first week, GameOver led the server alliance wise. They ran to the top with several big players, Wheredigo (who had an instant warrior hero after the first week), Royston, UNIQUEBOOK among others. The two alliances that advertised on the forums, 69 and G3, were in the two and four spot respectively. SILENCE, who is still around today, albeit in a somewhat beat up shape was at the three spot.

    During week 2, things started to spice up a bit. GameOver declared on 69, the numer one and number three alliances going at it so early on in the server. vVv made their appearance into the top five during week two, and still hang out there at the number two spot this week (week 14). G3 fell to the ten spot after losing some players already. I should put in that I did bring up the fact that this could mean they were unstable at an early on point in the server. The split of G3, losing many of their players went off and formed 0.

    Week three was the rise of KingLyam's hero. He took it up to 800 attack and at that time also led the server with a 300 politics hero, somewhat striking fear amongst the server for heroes so large at server start would usually mean a very experienced and advanced player. Alliance wise, GameOver still held the top spot, 69 in second and G3 climbed back into the top five at the four spot. Loaded (currently L1) received an honorable mention in my week three update and they have stuck around with many former members currently in 69.

    During week four, 69 stated its dominance over the server. They went from the number two spot to our in front by over 20 million prestige, with the fall of GameOver. SILENCE remained in the top five as did G3 this week. After the fall of GameOver, 69 took a few days break and then began the assault on G3. This was really the fight of the server, so far. The war between 69 and G3 was very heated with emotions between two super elite alliances flaring.

    On to week five. Amazing how fast this seemed to go isn't it? Anyway, 69 remained in the top spot, SILENCE in the two spot, vVv (V1) in the three spot and G3 in the five spot. K1 received an honorable mention from me in my week five update as they broke into the top 20 and they remain inside the top ten today. In just one week of warring, keeping in mind it was only week five of the server, 69 gave G3 120 million honor which really set the pace for the war. G3 got behind in honor and remained on the defensive.

    I took a hiatus from the forums for three weeks. Not much really happened, other than the war with G3 on the server. MechLuvin and company left G3 during this time and formed alliance 7, which eventually joined 69. G3 fell out of the top ten and basically into their current state. 0 stated some of their dominance during this time and jumped into the number two spot, and allied with (kinda) 69 to destroy the server. vVv remained in the top five, while SILENCE took a break from the top ten to reorganize. L1 rose to power, dropping their LoaDeD name for a new one and jumping into the top ten. At this point in time 69, 0, and G3 pretty much contained all of the top 100 players on the server. Power was concise within these alliances.

    Week nine and ten were pretty quiet. It was nearing holiday time and most everybody had chilled out and starting really building their heroes. Stats for alliances stayed nearly the same, but heroes went up really fast with four instant cav heroes and two instant arch heroes. There also appeared two instant treb heroes.

    After the new year, 69 declared on alliance 0. This was, surprisingly, a quick war. With the absence of WaySystems, 69 had no real reason to stay allied with 0. We took several cities and heroes on the first night of the war, setting the tone for how the rest of it would go. 0 put up little resistance and fell quickly. After that war, we are pretty much to the spot in which we are at now.

    (I do realize a lot of this focus' on the 69 point of view, but as I don't run spy accounts I have no idea what the experience for players outside of the "main" wars on the server have been. Feel free to post your own.)


    Week 14


    69, despite false accusations of using glitches, remains at the top spot on the server with 67 members, and 603 cities. They average nearly 10 million prestige per player, and nine cities per player. They have a three hundred million prestige gap between themselves at the second ranked alliance. They are strong, and even false accusations do nothing but make them a tighter group.

    V1 remains in the number two spot with a full alliance. They avearge 3.4 million prestige per player and a little over four cities per player. They are growing, albeit, slowly. They also average about 2.4 million honor per player, which isn't really a great stat. Not much changes about these guys - they are farms for the elite and don't see many war cities floating about.

    17 is in the number three spot, and I happen to know very little about this alliance. They have a near full alliance, averaging 3.3 million prestige per player and a little over five cities per player. I would rank them above V1 in terms of fighting capacity, although I have not seen their troop numbers first hand.

    K1 has about 2.7 million prestige per player and five cities per player. They have a lot of alts within them, which drives their member count up. They are also neutral to 69, as a few of K1s former leadership is within 69. There will probably be a war at some point in the future, although the direct future, probably not.

    L1 Is in about the same situation K1 is in, although L1 has more former members in the ranks of 69. They average 4.3 million prestige per player and seven cities per player. These guys are a big help to 69 in the wars we have been in, as they have been as active as we are in fighting. They have been led well, and are very experienced.



    Many of the top players got a ban, some permanent, some temporary - so I will forget this section until it is all figured out. Various players have gotten various responses with the evony team for essentially the same ban, so we are simply to wait and see what comes of it.


    There are now three instant everything heroes on the server, owned by Sinnerator, BigBadPete and Kelan.

    There are also three instant treb heroes on the server, belonging to Kelan, Pappi and Venky.

    The heroes are growing quickly in this bit of a down time in the server.

    Hachi's Power Rankings

    1. 69
    2. L1
    3. 17
    4. 42
    5. K1

    And that's all folks! Hope you liked the recap and are enjoying the server. I know personally I am looking forward to getting some friends back after wrongfully being banned and enjoying the server again. After all its just a game and having your friends play it with you is what makes it fun. The wars have slowed down a little bit, with 69 more or less just porting and killing at will with little resistance. I would like to see what some of these other alliances have to say about their experiences on the server, or even different people.
    Enjoying Evony Retirement.

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    I thought you said 20+ 69 players got banned?
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    I'm going to party like it's 1999.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mopster View Post
    I thought you said 20+ 69 players got banned?
    You must have read something I missed. I can't find that in this thread. But regardless, so what?

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    damm cant belive its been 14 weeks already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mopster View Post
    I thought you said 20+ 69 players got banned?
    I thought a lot of ppl got banned as well...not seeing the numbers to support it though. Still looks like most people are playing. (though I have to admit I'm not really paying attention).

    nice update Reflex. Kelan must be pretty happy

    I noticed 42 in the power rankings...low member count, but they look legit. thoughts from anyone?
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    168 - hahahahaha

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    Yeah, around 20 originally got banned.. but as it was proven that they did not use the glitch they were unbanned. Most are back.
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    This thread is really too quiet. This post here is going to contain several things.. firstly, some server information, secondly some opinions, and thirdly some war reports of mine from the past week of me porting around.


    1. 168 is now subject to the "First Server Empire" Apparently that is supposed to mean something but I can't figure it out. It is made up of 10 of the top 20 alliances, and my guess if that they aim to take out 69. We managed to get a sneak peek inside one of these alliances and a little birdy sent us (69 leadership) the following group mails sent in a "First Server Empire" coalition alliance. Behold:

    Within the next few minutes we will be declaring against the 69 group of alliances... our mission, along with the others in our coalition is to remove them from the server. To that end, the policy will be to truce,port or holiday if a 69 ports in and starts hitting you. All other members on line will immediately start sending at least 2 to 3 spam attks at the attacker. This will be the tactics of the Coalition. Our attacks will be aimed at their resource alliances..and coordinated among us.

    This will be the primary objective of the coalition. Without support and resources, and without their troop glitch they will not be able to withstand the onslaught of dozens of alliances. We need to be a leader in this cause, and to make Lyam proud, and upon his return... he will take up the gauntlet and lead us to victory.
    Build mechs, build scouts, and read the battle thread and check the numerous links - there is valuable info to be garnered and learned. ask questions, ask for help, just ask!

    The Coalition is made up of more than 10 of the top 20 alliances and their many alts... The coordinators of this coaliton is Cartman of V1, DethCreatr of 17, and Lyam of 1SE. These are the most Prominent and Honorable Hosts of Alliances on the Server. With the coordinated tactics and strategies that will be employed, we will prevail over our enemies, despite their many illegal activities: gold glitch, troop glitch, hacking, IP blocking, and other methods of cheating.
    2. Cool story bro. So this coalition that aims to top 69 first tried to continuously report us for false accusations.. After proved by evony that these accusations are false, accounts have been reinstated with angry owners. Funnily enough, the person mainly responsible for starting the "mass complaints to evony" was also banned. Guess he didn't know that evony checks out the accounts that are doing the reporting as well. Anyway, back to the real point here.

    The strategy now, is to truce/port/holiday every time you are hit? To not put up a fight at all, to just hide and hope it goes away. That's the feeling of defeat if I have ever been told one. And hope to annoy them with spam waves, maybe they will care and all quit. Ha. Likely story.

    Thought it would be fun for the rest of the server to read the mails and laugh at this "First Server Empire" as we have.

    3. Some war reports, as promised.

    Blue line mech:

    Little under a mil troop kill:
    Enjoying Evony Retirement.

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    We had one of those to on 170. Lasted about a week. Well unless they came out of BP early :P

    Would wish u good luck, but i highly doubt u will need it

    Fan of BOTS!!! ( Auto-Bots Of Course )

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    weird.. players bans wore off.. crazy how that happens when temporary bans are handed out. Just throwing in what most of the server is prolly thinking. lol, 69 is good though, i can admit that.
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