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Thread: Emergency Maintenance: 165 *COMPLETE*

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    Today on server 165 after player reports, we investigated and found that there was an abnormally high load on the disks. We then found there were a small group of players that were trying to create multiple accounts and activate thirdparty automated programs to run those accounts and then closed all of their accounts and blocked them. While we closed those accounts and blocked the players, the emergency maintenance was not able to address the issues caused and a data migration was inevitable. Completing that, we synchronised the data to new hard disks and restarted the server, testing it and then released it online. The total downtime was approximately 9 hours from first player report to server back online.

    We are still reviewing the server's performance, however at this time it appears to be functioning properly. We are currently reviewing the issue of downtime and how it has affected the players on 165.

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    We're sorry about the problems with the server today. Because of the few players who were abusing bots to such a great extent that it actually put heavy strain on the server, game play was hurt for everyone.

    We've taken action against these players and to protect our servers, and in consideration for the downtime, we're delivering the following package to all players:

    1 x Plowshares
    1 x Arch Saw
    1 x Quarrying Tools
    1 x Blower
    1 x Tax Policy
    1 x Napoleon's Diary
    1 x War Horn
    1 x War Ensign
    1 x Penicillin
    1,000,000 Food

    Thanks for bearing with us as we dealt with this issue!
    Legendary Hero


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