When an empire falls, a power vacuum is left in its wake. This vacuum, like the void of Space, is soon filled by the interstellar traffic of massive space armadas, merchant fleets, and explorers. The first to rise to the challenge fill the lion's share of this power vacuum, but eventually, stellar empires compete over what remains.

The disappearance of the ancient Prometheans left the Galaxy devoid of all interstellar power, until the rise of several smaller spacefaring nations such as the Achenarans and Surians. Dozens of other nations quickly followed, and before long hundreds of factions spread across millions of star systems all wanted their share of the power. Increasing demand for resources quickly lead to expansion, and conflicts over these resources lead to war, politics, and conquest.

It has been 1012 Galactic Standard Years since the Prometheans disappeared from the galaxy. New nations have risen to power, filling much of the power vacuum left in their wake, but more nations still were rising, and conflict was inevitable. In addition, weapons of war left behind by the Sufficiently Advanced Race, and ancient enemies still existed beyond the boundaries of known space...


Posts are to be written from the perspective of characters, so make sure you focus on character development primarily. Character applications are required in order to participate.

Empire applications are allowable as well, but make sure you adapt your empire to the existing universe rather than directly copying the works of something else. I encourage development of empires into realistic entities over a period of time, and don't expect fully developed, complex states from the beginning.

Do not attempt to start off as a super-powerful state, as all empires must start at some point. Focus more on your empire's rise to power and expansion, and wait until you are ready to take down the galactic superpowers before attempting to battle them.

Empire applications consist of a multi-phase process, but you needn't attempt to try and fill out all phases at once.

I recommend player vs player conflicts to be resolved by a consensus between the two writers before the battle ever takes place, but if no consensus can be reaches, GM authority can be used to specify the results of the battle.