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Thread: Galactic Void (Apps/OOC)

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    Default Galactic Void (Apps/OOC)

    When an empire falls, a power vacuum is left in its wake. This vacuum, like the void of Space, is soon filled by the interstellar traffic of massive space armadas, merchant fleets, and explorers. The first to rise to the challenge fill the lion's share of this power vacuum, but eventually, stellar empires compete over what remains.

    The disappearance of the ancient Prometheans left the Galaxy devoid of all interstellar power, until the rise of several smaller spacefaring nations such as the Achenarans and Surians. Dozens of other nations quickly followed, and before long hundreds of factions spread across millions of star systems all wanted their share of the power. Increasing demand for resources quickly lead to expansion, and conflicts over these resources lead to war, politics, and conquest.

    It has been 1012 Galactic Standard Years since the Prometheans disappeared from the galaxy. New nations have risen to power, filling much of the power vacuum left in their wake, but more nations still were rising, and conflict was inevitable. In addition, weapons of war left behind by the Sufficiently Advanced Race, and ancient enemies still existed beyond the boundaries of known space...


    Posts are to be written from the perspective of characters, so make sure you focus on character development primarily. Character applications are required in order to participate.

    Empire applications are allowable as well, but make sure you adapt your empire to the existing universe rather than directly copying the works of something else. I encourage development of empires into realistic entities over a period of time, and don't expect fully developed, complex states from the beginning.

    Do not attempt to start off as a super-powerful state, as all empires must start at some point. Focus more on your empire's rise to power and expansion, and wait until you are ready to take down the galactic superpowers before attempting to battle them.

    Empire applications consist of a multi-phase process, but you needn't attempt to try and fill out all phases at once.

    I recommend player vs player conflicts to be resolved by a consensus between the two writers before the battle ever takes place, but if no consensus can be reaches, GM authority can be used to specify the results of the battle.
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    Galactic SITREP:
    Year: Galactic Standard year 1012 Post-Promethean Era (approximately 1012 galactic standard years since the disappearance of the Prometheans). Galactic standard year is measured at 1/1000 the time it takes for light to cross from the top of the galactic arm to the bottom (approximately 1 Earth year).

    "Galactic Law:" While there are no laws in an anarchy, these guidelines are considered "law" and justification for wide scale retaliation:
    1. Genocide. Wiping out a sentient race is likely to invoke the wrath of every single armed nation in the known galaxy. The only exceptions are races deemed "Galactic Nemesis", generally genocidal nations themselves who cannot be stopped unless they are permanently destroyed. Rather than wars of genocide, interstellar wars tend to involve conquering and subduing the local populace.
    2. Interference in the affairs of undeveloped nations. Nations who indiscriminately attack an enslave pre-FTL worlds tend to invoke the wrath of the normally peaceful Surian Empire, who view themselves as the chaperones of undeveloped life forms. The Achenaran Imperium as well has strict non-interference laws.
    3. Usage of biological weapons. Biological weapons are considered foul-play by most nations, and those who do are likely to have several factions allying against them out of disgust. Nations such as the Chemdat must conceal the true extent of their bio-weapons.
    4. Needless destruction of nonmilitary targets. This includes killing civilians for no reason. In war, the objective is to overcome the enemy military and subdue the noncombatants, not kill them.
    5. Space Piracy. Though frowned upon, piracy is the easiest war crime to pull off, because space pirates are known to prey on less-advanced nations in all corners of the galaxy.

    Diplomatic Guidelines: While not specifically written laws, these are basic guidelines to dealing with foreign countries.
    1. Never break a treaty. Nations who break treaties are never trusted by other nations to make further treaties, and soon find themselves without allies.
    2. Don't attack people for no reason. Conquering nations without providing some sort of excuse or reason for doing so is likely to cause other nations to frown on you.
    3. Don't harass diplomatic vessels. When a force approaches in peace, it's a good guideline to let them come in peace rather than irritating them by demanding to search and seize their ships.
    4. Anti-piracy pacts. Nations who harbor or are friendly with pirates soon find themselves at war with the nations who are plagued by said pirates.
    5. Extradition of criminals. Extradition is more a courtesy than a law, and nations who desire good diplomatic relations will detain and extradite individuals who have violated the laws of other nations.

    Achenaran Imperium: Just completed massive expansion of frontier. Consolidating and assimilating conquered colonies. Expansion of Achenaran Imperial Armada to allow control of vast new reaches of space. Recovering from a conflict against the Galactic Nemesis.
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    Character application (Required):

    Age / Apparent age: (Unless otherwise stated, will assume all ages are measured in galactic-standard years.)
    Rank (if applicable):
    Description / Picture:
    Skills / Proficiencies:

    Empire Application, Phase 1 (Required to run a nation, but not required to play a character in an existing nation):
    Empire Name:
    Capital System:
    Empire Description:
    Dominant Race(s):
    General military information (Ground forces and space fleet):

    Phase 2 (Not required)
    Government type:Empire Power rating: (I through V recommended for most nations) I = System-state, II = Fledgling State III = Small State IV = Local power V = Regional power (over 100 star systems)
    Head of State:
    Head of Government:
    Description of government:
    Economic system:
    Economic prosperity:
    Description of economy:

    Phase 3: Descriptions of technology (not required)
    Technological overview:
    Power: (Talk about the most advanced technology in each category. No numbers, please.)

    Phase 4. Ground forces. Complete applications for all ground vehicles and troops. (Not required, may be quite detailed)

    Troop type:
    Size: (P1 is human, P2-P5 cover powered armor, V1-V5 are light mecha and vehicles, V6-V10 are heavy mecha and vehicles the size as F1-F5. Note that sizes are measured quadratically, meaning each size is roughly twice the size of the next smaller.)
    Power plant:
    Engine (if any):
    (QD) cost per unit:

    Phase 5: Ship information. Complete a ship application for all spaceships. (Not required, and extremely detailed most likely)

    Ship application
    Ship class:
    Size: F1 (light fighter) through F5 (Large shuttle) for fighter-sized ships, S1 (small corvette or fast attack craft) and higher for starships. A starship larger than S10 is considered a flagship and fairly rare (most flagships are S11, with a few exceptions for particularly huge fleets). Note that sizes are measured quadratically, meaning each size is roughly twice the size of the next smaller. B1 and B2 fill the gaps between F5 and S1.
    Ship role:
    Main armaments:
    Point defense armaments: (Usually only starships will have these)
    Power plant:
    (QD) Ship cost:

    Final Phase: Quantitative Data (Recommended to seek GM assistance before calculating any sort of quantitative data, including the cost of units in phase 4 and 5 applications)
    GDP, PPP:
    GDP, PPP per capita:
    Tax rate:
    Tax revenue:
    Military budget:

    Racial data: (optional way to describe races in detail)
    Race name:
    Race category:
    Natural lifespan:
    Physical description:
    Cultural information:
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    Adrian Steele
    Age / Apparent age: 26 Standard Years, looks like someone in his late teens
    Race: Furian
    Gender: Male
    Faction: The empire of the Furians (no official name)
    Occupation: financial tycoon, ruler of the Furians
    Position: King of the Furians, overlord of a number of countries, including Dragos
    Description / Picture: Three to six inches taller than your normal Achenaran, he looks almost like a Draconan royalty, but with several differences: He's slightly shorter than many in that group, he's got blonde hair, and multicolored eyes that shift color at will, unless his mood is unusually strong. His hair is a black sort of color, but it has a noticeable dark blue sheen (sort of like the color of space).

    He always wears an Achenaran vibrosword, and has three concealed throwing knives, and a good sidearm for protection when his guards are either inadequate or simply not there in times of trouble. He is always seen wearing simple dark-colored clothes, and one ring on his finger, which is ancient, and made of unknown materials.

    Here's a picture that would pretty much tell you vaguely what he looks like. Always wearing some sort of blue on the outside, this would make probably the closest picture that would describe him, that I've found so far. (His hair is a bit longer, has the sheen, and his eyes aren't Japanese, like the picture looks like. Oh, and he doesn't sparkle like those lame vampires seen in the Twilight series. All this, also minus the girl.)

    Skills / Proficiencies: In the realm of education, Adrian has it all--academic knowledge and combat knowledge, as well as training in both their uses by the best teachers and trainers that money can pay for.

    In matters of intelligence, he is the leader for an extremely good reason--he is smart, very much so. He possesses an IQ that puts even most of his peers to shame, and makes most of his competition look idiotic in comparison--because he normally is calculated enough not to challenge anything that may be a real threat to him unless he knows he's going to win.

    Overall, he's the person the Furians "elected" to rule over them. During his short reign, he's already brought under control of the Furians more than ever before, and he still remains strong.
    History: His history goes back two ways: one with the Furians and their elitist society, and the other with the Draconans and their royal line. (for more info, see the other app I'll be putting up.)

    For the Draconan end, Lady Helen Dragos was a Furian, who had the throne held pretty firmly, along with her father before her, and so on. She was married to another Furian, who turned out to be the leader of all the Furians out there, and he was killed in Zikaren space shortly after they were married--but Helen nonetheless carried his child, and in grief removed the embryo and placed it in stasis.

    Very shortly afterwards, she got married to Dalgaron, who was a powerful noble who came from a neighboring country to the Empire, which joined itself to Dragos after he became King by marriage. He seized the throne, and some time afterwards produced Aldaron as his heir. Some time afterwards, she secretly revived the embryo, seeing that Aldaron was displaying a few of his father's mental problems, in spite of his strong Furian side.

    The resulting child was named Adrian, and his last name matched that of his Furian father. No sooner than the child been artificially born than it had been sent away to the Achenaran Empire, in the care of one of Helen's wealthy relatives, where the child grew and thrived, and got the best education in all areas, with the best teachers that money can pay.

    Even to the point of Adrian Steele's first public appearance, his parentage was only known to but a few, and those few were highly trusted officials in the Achenaran Empire, or those few in Dragos who either died or could keep an important secret to save their skins...

    A few years ago, he was "elected" by the collective to be the leader of the Furians, meaning that he had total control of one of the strongest financial powers in known space.


    Race Description:
    Type O Humanoid -- Furians have many characteristics that make them very similar to your average human being, but they tend to have a metallic sheen in their hair (mostly resembling very subtle shades of blue, red, gold, and other natural colors). Their eyes are also different. Their irises are slightly larger, and have extremely rich pigmentation. Their eyes are usually a single, solid color, although mixed colors are found here and there.

    Their lifespans are very long. Most live to be 500-600 years old, given their living conditions (which are usually extravagantly good). However, they have an extremely low birth rate, with the average Furian couple only having an average of two, perhaps three children over the long span of their lives (hence their extreme rarity).

    The main way their species has survived among the stars, over the countless eons, has been to accumulate wealth and power (especially over others), to use as a shield. As long as they're protected by those who uphold them for their wealth, their survival is usually assured. Slowly, over the course of several thousand years of slow and tireless work, they eventually came to be united under a single leader, despite the presence of Prometheans in the galaxy, and their own internal conflicts.

    When the Prometheans mysteriously disappeared, they finally came into their own, and they (under a single, solid leader by now), made their moves to preserve their own sovereignty over themselves, thus ensuring the survival of their struggling race.

    In terms of genetics, the Furians are very much like any other humanoid, aside from mentioned traits. However, if they ever have a child with another humanoid, they'll usually retain nearly all of the characteristics of the Furian parent, as their genes are designed to be extremely dominant, unless one Furian pairs with another. In spite of all of this, their numbers remain extremely low, numbering only about 2500 in total, of those aligned with the millenia-old regime, and only about 500 elsewhere.


    "The Furian Empire"
    Capital: Mashiro
    Empire Description: conglomerate of financial barons and heads of state, answering to their king.
    Dominant Race(s): Furian (ruling over any that fall under their domain)
    General military information: They rely on the militaries of either their satellite nations, or nations they carry out operations in, to protect their assets.

    Government type: conglomerate of powerful corporations, tycoons, and nations, ruled over by an absolute monarch, who delegates power to those who hold it.
    Power rating: VI
    Head of State: [It's not an official state, so...]
    Head of Government: Adrian Steele
    Description of government:
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    Imperial Government
    Economic system: various, depending on the country the assets are being held in
    Economic prosperity: In terms of the Furians themselves, extremely prosperous. Various levels of prosperity in satellite nations.
    Description of economy: It's all either owned or controlled by the King, who delegates responsibilities and freedoms to those he sees fit, if the need arises. Otherwise, it's left to each country's ruler/head of state to decide what sort of government and economic system to run.

    Population: Furians -- 2,500 included within the imperial conglomerate that Adrian runs, along with others sworn under his name to guard his assets. Total under Furian control (direct or indirect) -- unknown, est. 620 billion, scattered throughout wide and unconnected regions of space.
    GDP, PPP: Depends on the satellite country
    GDP, PPP per capita: Depends on the satellite country
    Tax rate: See above
    Tax revenue: See above
    Military budget: Depends on the area and the need.
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    Alright, so the current map will be here, from this point on.

    I'll try to keep it as up-to-date as I can. Any ideas for NPC nations/empires are welcome, although NPC's are generally requested to be small enough to accomodate new players.

    Just note that my own app got moved to post #20, where the old map was. My other app is still at post #15, for reference purposes.
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    Name:Charles Jennings
    Age / Apparent age: 30
    Race: Lyran (Trueborn)
    Faction: Clan Wolf
    Occupation:warrior/ Lyran affair Minister
    Position: Leader of Lyrans
    Rank (if applicable):Khan
    Description / Picture:6 foot 7 249 lbs of mostly muscle, dark brown hair, with a warriors battlesuit and exoskeleton underneath so he can lift more and run farther. Has a scraggly beard and is always ready for a fight
    Skills / Proficiencies:Warrior he fights and is extremely battle smart as well as technologically smart
    History:Trueborn of the clan wolf he has become the Khan and head person of the Lyrans, extremely good in battle especially in his battlemechs he has been known as one of the most rutheless fighters of the lyrans.

    Empire Application, Phase 1 (Required to run a nation, but not required to play a character in an existing nation):
    Empire Name: Clan Wolf
    Capital System: Tamar is the capital, closest to archenean and a little farther out on the left.
    Empire Description:The Lyrans are Known as Clan wolf, with very spirited and honorable people who would fight for a cause, They have just recently started a revolution against the Raekir and are now looking forward to what the future has in store for them
    Dominant Race(s):Trueborns are the highest of what they call race while freebirths are treated as lesser beings
    General military information (Ground forces and space fleet):

    Mechs: Ranging from light-assault mechs are gigantic killing machines with major firepower, that is not all they use but it is a big part of their warfare

    Elementals: Also known as toads by some for their ability to hop with jump jets elementals are huge humans in battlearmor in which they have different weapons and such

    Ground units :Trueborns and Freebirths that fight without mechs or much else with weapons like a needle pistol or an assault rifle or a ppc rifle ect..

    Vehicle units: Lyrans vehicles range from tanks and other land vehicles to helicopters and planes

    Space mechs: usually a medium or light mech that can turn into an aerospace fighter at the cost of some weapons

    Space ships: Jumpships dropships and warships all apply usually pretty high tech and either well armored or well armed sometimes both

    Phase 2 (Not required)
    Government type:V
    Head of State:Charles Jennings
    Head of Government:Charles Jennings
    Description of government: It is more like a Warlord type of government without the mass killings and any clan can refuse orders by doing a trial of refusal
    Economic system:Capatalism
    Economic prosperity: Developing
    Description of economy:trade goods for goods and salvage materials

    Phase 3: Descriptions of technology (not required)
    Technological overview:Very high tech with their mechs and their engineers are always trying to find something better and stronger and faster.
    Power: Mechs are generally the most advanced weapon they have as for civil life and communications the mechs use nuclear power to operate as well as have a multiple amount of weapons and arrangements depending on the mech and the pilot's likings
    Transportation: Warp power in their jumpships and in which can go extremely fast even for the size of the jumpship however it will take a week at least to recharge sometimes if gone to far.
    Offensive:Weapons such as needler guns, particle guns, gyroslug weapons, Gauss rifles, ppcs, mechs
    Defensive:Battlearmor for the elementals which injects them with painkillers and adrenaline shot if shot, if a limb is torn the suit fires steam from where the limb was to cauterize it from bleeding
    Cybertronics:they have an advanced hyper pulse generator which can relay messages pretty quicky (not super fast) to others,
    Utility: has multiple utilities such as shields for ships, enhanced armor for mechs and battlesuits that wiegh less but can take more of a hit, has graviton beams as well as a large array of weaponry
    Biotech: The Trueborns are born in an iron womb from the dna of warriors, or engineers depending on who's dna was given in their cast society

    Name: Tirrian (Freebirth)
    Age / Apparent age:25
    Race: Lyran (clan wolf)
    Gender: female
    Faction: Clan wolf
    Occupation:News caster
    Rank (if applicable):none
    Description / Picture: very beautiful, white, blonde hair and green eyes
    Skills / Proficiencies: talking
    History:has reported Lyran news since she was 19
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    Name: Ian Davion
    Age : 26
    Race: Federians
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Fed Stars
    Occupation: Mech Pilot, next in line for the title of Hegemon
    Position: Soldier
    Rank (if applicable): lieutenant
    Description / Picture: a bit on the tall side, muscular, brown eyes and hair
    Skills / Proficiencies: Mech Pilot training, political skills,
    History: The son of the current Hegemon Ian is currently fulfilling the requirement of every Hegemon, having to serve in the military as a standard soldier as part of the training for the position

    Empire Application, Phase 1 (Required to run a nation, but not required to play a character in an existing nation):
    Empire Name: Federated Commonwealth of Allied Stars (Fed Stars for short)
    Capital System: New Avalon
    Empire Description: A large federation that has over the millennia become a single entity. The Fed Stars are also more militaristic than most governments save that of the Clan
    Dominant Race(s): Federian
    General military information (Ground forces and space fleet):
    Fighters- armed to the teeth the normal Fed Star fighter is quick and has Aerospace capabilities they also double as bombers if necessary
    Doreth Class- The frigates of the armadas the Doreth class encompasses all light Frigates up to the Line Frigates
    Garmir Class- The Garmir Class is the Cruisers, the mainline ships they are designed to take and deliver more punishment than would be expected of a cruiser
    Fafnir Class- The Battleships they are an imposing figure with the ability to create destruction on a large scale these ships are the main backbone of the Armada
    Beowulf Class- The Capital ships and carriers fall under the Tyr class nothing save for Sovereign itself is larger or more than these ships in the Fed Stars
    Sovereign & Tyr- Out classing, Out sizing, and Out gunning even the largest Beowullf class the twin ships Sovereign & Tyr are one of a kind in their size, armor and the sheer force they can bring to bare

    Infantry- the standard infantry, armed with a pulse rifle and heavy armor
    Cyclops Tank- the normal tank the Cyclops is armed with 2 light Anti vehicle rotary cannons
    Devastator Tank- Huge, Lumbering, and Heavily armed and armored these glorified weapon platforms on tracks carry two heavy Gauss cannons and a medium laser cannon
    Mechs- Much like the Clan The Fed Stars employ Mechs as one of their main land units

    Phase 2 (Not required)
    Government type:Hegemony ( III )
    Head of State: Federation Council
    Head of Government: Hegemon
    Description of government: Headed by the Hegemon a hereditary position, the Fed Stars also make use of a council made up of representatives from all of the Allied Star systems
    Economic system: Capitalistic, with a small touch of a barter system
    Economic prosperity: Strong
    Description of economy: You would be just as likely to buy something with coin and note as you would to trade it for another good, this underline of fair give and take keeps the economy of the Fed Stars going strong even in times of upheaval
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    Tsar Andrei Hromchenko

    Name: Tsar Andrei II, Emperor of Kislev

    Age / Apparent age: Ageless

    Race: Kislevite/Eldar - Type AE Humanoid

    Gender: Male

    Faction: The Empire of Kislev

    Occupation: Generally Emperor.

    Position: See above.

    Rank (if applicable): Again, see Occupation

    Description / Picture:

    Skills / Proficiencies:
    Kislevite Blademaster, ship captain, knowledge of military and political skills suitable for an Emperor of Kislev.



    Tsarina Anna Hromchenkova

    Name: Tsarina Anna Hromchenkova, Empress of Kislev

    Age / Apparent age: Ageless

    Race: Kislevite/Eldar (Type AE humanoid)


    Faction: Empire of Kislev

    Occupation: Empress of Kislev

    Position: See above.

    Rank (if applicable): See above.

    Description / Picture:

    Skills / Proficiencies: Kislevite Blademistress
    Excellent Diplomat and Compromiser
    Acts as a bridge for Kislevite-Eldar relations.


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    Empire Application, Phase 1 (Required to run a nation, but not required to play a character in an existing nation):

    Empire Name: The Empire of Kislev

    Capital System: Kislev

    Empire Description: After the devastating war between the Kislevites and their hated enemies, the Reich, Kislev has now expanded to include the Reich's space. However, the war had virtually destroyed the infrastructure of the Reich's systems, and the Kanzl within the Reich's former territory are now trying to rebuild a shattered area with Kislevite support. Restrictions on the Kanzl have been relaxed following the annexation of the Reich, in an effort to integrate the Kanzl better into society. They are still keeping an eye on Sol, along with the Centaurians and Achenarans, but Kislev has threatened to sever ties with the Centaurians following the suspected sightings of Centaurian craft over Sol IV (Mars) by spacecraft from Sol III.

    Dominant Race(s): Mainly Kislevites, however the Eldar and Kanzl have been subsumed into the Empire.

    General military information (Ground forces and space fleet):
    Kislev's military forces will be further explained later.

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    Name: Emperor Donald III of Achenar
    Age / Apparent age: 29 Achenaran years, appears ageless.
    Race: Achenaran (Type A humanoid)
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Achenaran Imperium
    Occupation: Emperor
    Position: Head of government, Chief of State
    Rank: Supreme Commander
    Description / Picture: Medium height, athletic build. Brown hair, eyes that shift between blue, green, and grey.
    Skills / Proficiencies: Achenaran Blade Legend, fighter pilot, varied knowledge of strategies, tactics, economics, politics, and combat skills.
    History: Mostly classified.

    Name: Ronald Burgundy
    Age / Apparent age: 54 / 45
    Race: Ekathian (Type A humanoid)
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Galactic News Network
    Occupation: Journalist
    Position: Anchorman
    Description / Picture: Middle aged, ginger hair, ginger mustache and beard, wears a suit
    Skills / Proficiencies: Reading words from a holographic teleprompter
    History: Ronald Burgundy grew up in Ekith, the center of Galactic News Network. He has served GNN since it was founded, and is currently an anchorman.

    Name: Lily Crystalyn Valentine
    Age / Apparent age: Appears about 16
    Race: Achenaran (Wiran, Type A humanoid)
    Gender: Female
    Faction: Achenaran Imperium
    Occupation: Princess of Wirus
    Position: Chief Diplomatic Advisor
    Rank: Princess of Purity
    Description: Short and slender, Lily has long golden hair usually worn with a tiara. Her attire usually resembles something a fairy tail princess would wear, favoring pinks and violets to match her eyes, which shift in color between violet and indigo.
    Skills / Proficiencies: Diplomacy, art, music.
    History: Lily has a distinguished career as ambassador, and was in fact the first ambassador sent to Suria when diplomatic negotiations with them began. She has a way of disarming other diplomats, who expect aggressive behavior from Achenarans and are greeted instead by kindness, courtesy, and well-wishes.

    Name: Charmles Argon
    Age / Apparent age: 44/Ageless
    Race: Gorban (Type B humanoid)
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Achenaran Imperium
    Occupation: Prince of Argon
    Position: Ambassador
    Rank: Prince
    Description: Charmles is a Gorban, one of many races assimilated into the Achenaran Imperium. The Gorban are seven foot tall (on average) hairless cold-blooded bipeds with grey skin. They resemble the trolls from Promethean mythology.
    Skills / Proficiencies: Diplomacy, Gorban-style combat skills.
    History: A long-time loyal servant to the Achenaran Imperium, Charmles often lacts tact by Achenaran standards. Still, he serves with duty and honor.

    Name: Gortag Tyrslayer
    Age / Apparent age: Appears in his 30s
    Race: Garvel
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Tyrslayer Tribe, Forces of Darkness
    Occupation: Warrior Caste
    Position: Clan leader
    Rank: Warlord
    Description: Dark-skinned, muscular humanoid with pointed ears and horns
    Skills / Proficiencies: Battle skills, combat tactics, raiding tactics
    History: A warlord in the Dark Realm, Gortag Skullsmasher's history involves tribal and clan conflicts between the various other factions of the Dark Realm. As a Garvel, the Orocs obey his will, as the Gobkins obey the Orocs. History has long since been forgotten, and only legend remains of their ancient masters and their exile for violating the will of these masters.

    Name: Mitt Thraw
    Age / Apparent age: Appears ageless.
    Race: Chiss
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Achenaran Imperium
    Occupation: Imperial Armada
    Position: Commander, 2nd Regional Armada
    Rank: Lord Admiral
    Description / Picture:
    Skills / Proficiencies: Expert battle strategist and tactician. In-depth knowledge of logistics and supply. Aggressive counter-attack tactics.
    History: Born on Csilla III, Thraw immigrated to Achenar at a young age and enlisted in the Imperial Armada to obtain citizenship. His loyalty never wavered, even when he was assigned to the fleet that conquered his homeworld as a test. However, his temperament was never the same after this battle, and he is known to go to extremes to accomplish the mission objective.

    Name: William Motors
    Age / Apparent age: 50 Achenaran years, appears ageless.
    Race: Achenaran (Ferran, Type A humanoid)
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Achenaran Imperium
    Occupation: Imperial Armada
    Position: Co-Commander, 94th Achenaran Fleet
    Rank: General
    Description / Picture: Professional, with dark hair and eyes, and hardened expressions
    Skills / Proficiencies: Leadership, tactics, martial arts
    History: A man who has devoted his life to the Imperial Armada, William Motors has gradually risen through the ranks due to dilligent service rather than aptitude. Still, he is very well-versed in standard Achenaran battle tactics.

    Name: Prince Thomas of Komarr
    Age / Apparent age: 21 Achenaran years, appears ageless.
    Race: Achenaran (Type A humanoid)
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Achenaran Imperium
    Occupation: Aristocrat
    Position: Official Diplomat, Komarr system
    Rank: Secondborn Prince
    Description / Picture: Clean-cut and polished, Thomas puts on a professional look and rarely wears the crown of his rank.
    Skills / Proficiencies: Swordfighting (Ku heavy blade first class, medium blade second class), Negotiation.
    History: A second-born prince of the Achenaran aristocracy, Thomas has little political mobility and a great deal of responsibility to serve the Imperium. While not the best position, he conducts his affairs dutifully to the best of his abilities.
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