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Thread: Galactic Void: To fill the power vacuum

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    "True enough, but still, my son is the only one that is going to be presenting an oath of loyalty directly to you. Adrian still remains the King of Dragos, whether he likes it or not. My son can't have his way in everything, and I'm better off looking to a familiar face for authority, anyway."

    Helen waved at Donald and put on a very sweet smile for him as she left. "Hey Adrian, you can come out now."

    Coming from an unseen corner, Adrian seem to materialize in front of his mother. "So how'd your chat go?"

    "Oh, fine. I threw a wrench into things, though. " Helen smiled at her son, giving off an innocent look.

    "So I take it he told you that I'm passing the crown of Dragos to you?" Adrian's expression looked somewhat happy, but even so, it was totally unreadable.

    "Yes, among other things. I'm following suit in joining Achenar, and accepting the crown and empire of Dragos. You can keep the title though. You fought the hardest and paid the most for it, after all."

    As Adrian stood there with an expression of surprise (even if it was incredibly subtle), she threw another shot his way. "The family has worked too long to keep the empire in the same set of hands, and I don't really want to see it divided once you managed to piece it all together."

    "How come? You've spent your whole life under someone else's shadow, and I'm offering you the chance for complete freedom. Why not take it?" Adrian decided to ditch the mask and be frank about it all, not seeing the reason to hide anything from his own mother of all people.

    "This is something the family has been working for over the centuries, and you've pretty much done what they couldn't. You united a bunch of random kingdoms and made them into a solid empire. Yes, I enjoy my freedom, and you've given it to me on a silver platter. You gave me an empire, and you're letting me take care of it. But in the end, you're the one in charge, in the end. I can enjoy my freedom, and let others make sure it keeps in shape."

    After a while, understanding came back to Adrian. He saw his mother's motives. She wanted to ensure that everything remained at least nominally within the same hands, yet she also wanted the freedom to do pretty much whatever she pleased with her life, as long as she didn't shirk TOO many of her responsibilities.

    At the same token, her son was the true heir to her kingdom, and even though he held the title of king, she still had the kingdom. Also, by having everything under the same person, her family was on a track of becoming insanely powerful, all things considered. Even if Adrian didn't want so much power and responsibility, it was still necessary to secure a very solid future for this ancient house.

    "Very well. I accept your decision, and I pronounce you Lady Helen of Dragos. Take the crown and rule wisely in my name." Adrian officially made her effectively a queen, even without the title. Helen said the formal thanks and curtsied, but beyond that, they both threw the rest of the formalities out the window and went their separate ways.

    Adrian took the opportunity to walk back over to Donald. "Well, that could easily have gone differently. I was honestly expecting her to take the whole thing, title and all. She simply took the offer to keep her throne and threw the title itself at me... So I guess it really is completely my decision."

    The young Furian frowned. He pretty much found himself in a position where he was ridiculously powerful. For a thousand years his House had striven for that goal, and he had managed to meet that goal a lot earlier than they had dared to hope for...

    And yet it didn't make him happy at all. He turned towards Donald, and simply stated, "You know, contrary to popular belief, being a teenage emperor really sucks at times. At least I won't have to deal with every little detail once this is over with."

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    "Heh..." said Donald III, "Yeah, I know more than anyone how being an Emperor isn't all glamor and glory. But someone's gotta do it, and better to have someone who doesn't abuse authority and go on power trips."

    He chuckled. "Someone who likes to rule too much, probably shouldn't be. At least, far as I figure. Why I never trust politicians."

    "Oh well..." he said, "Should we get this thing over with?"
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