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Thread: Emergency Maintenance: 162, ss37 and n1 *COMPLETED*

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    Default Emergency Maintenance: 162, ss37 and n1 *COMPLETED*

    We are currently swapping drives on the following servers: 162, ss37 and n1. We are rebooting these servers in 5 minutes, testing and then bringing the servers back online. The expected downtime for this will be: 30 minutes.

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    UPDATE: Replaced the drives and currently testing.

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    UPDATE: Tests completed and passed. Will be restoring the game service online shortly.

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    UPDATE: Currently importing data to drives. Will test, and restore game service online. I expect this will take perhaps 15 more minutes.

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    UPDATE: Service are restored. Server 162 currently is ONLINE. Go and enjoy Friday battling one another!

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    UPDATE: Server ss37 is currently ONLINE. Go and enjoy spying in an alliance!

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    UPDATE: Server na1is currently ONLINE. Go and colonize.


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