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Thread: (FAQs/Guides) Fixing Chrome to send out HNM's and Buffs

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    Default (FAQs/Guides) Fixing Chrome to send out HNM's and Buffs

    Since i can't post in the FAQs/Guides section. I'll put it in here if anyone can move it over that will be great.

    Thought i help people out since this should be the last thing to worry about is switching to IE or Firefox to post your HNM and Buff items.

    Open Chrome

    - Type about:plugins in your address bar, you'll see a list of plugins installed on Chrome.
    - 1st thing on the list should be flash (2 files) click on Details to the right of it it will show you both files that are conflicting and causing Chrome not to work properly.
    - Disable the 1st file, it should look something like this (C:\Documents and Settings\tmaint\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\22.0.1229.79\Pepper Flash\pepflashplayer.dll) or if not just disable the file that have ApplicationData in the address.
    - Close your browser and restart for it to take effect. Your problem is fixed, now you can post HNM, penicillin, text-speech etc using chrome. This will also help your Chrome from crashing when certain server required flash.
    *Thank you Morgan*
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    I agree with this.

    ~type chrome://plugins in the search bar at the top of your chrome browser.

    ~click the + details button top right of the page.

    ~out of the flash programs you see you need to disable all apart from the adobe flash program, it is the one that is labeled as being in a windows directory rather than program flies. you can also see it under the MIME types description.

    +rep to the OP


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