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    Quote Originally Posted by Holeypaladin View Post
    While there are many talented authors of short stories that occasionally post their works, I wanted to try a slightly different story. Rather than writing a short story or novel, I'm trying the "Journalistic Storytelling" approach. These are news articles from Galactic News Network, an interstellar news network in the same universe as the Achenaran Imperium from the Privateer RP. I'm not going to date these articles because I don't want to bother setting up some sort of interstellar dating template.

    I'm re-creating this thread, due to the continued existence of the universe in which the Achenaran Imperium, the Furians, Kislevites, and other such space-faring civilizations exist.

    The old thread's first paragraph is also that quote. Read it for reference if you so desire. Only requirements for posting here is "suitable" app in the Galactic Void/similar OOC thread, and stuff.

    So yeah, here be the news of the Universe as we created it. Go nuts!


    Assassination Attempts Failed!

    Ferro, Achenaran Imperium

    "Hello, this is Ron Burgundy, bringing you breaking news. An assassination attempt upon the Achenaran Emperor's life was foiled very ingloriously, when an unknown assassin attempted to kill the Achenaran Emperor with a sword. The assassin was then put down by the Emperor himself. " Ron slipped his shot glass under the desk, and rambled on. "Other than that, no other information has been revealed to us, other than the fact that the assassin was well known in criminal circles."

    "At about the same time, a well-known assassin and soldier of fortune known as Vrael was reportedly attacked by an unknown organization. The attack was reportedly thwarted with an efficiency characteristic only of this famous being. Any more information at this time is severely limited, as all parties have declined to speak on the matter."

    "This is Ron Burgundy, always here with the latest breaking news. Stay tuned, Orion."
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