the rep system on these forums is clearly broken. theres ppl going around with hyper inflated rep, some of which is deserved, some of which is not, and no im not referring to thalin.

its a bit pointless to have a rep system when all you can tell ppl is how awesome their posts are. there are many other more active vbulletin forums that run a red and green repping systems successfully so i dont understand why this one doesnt do it anymore.

red rep is an extremely useful tool, instead of some posters straddling the line to ensure they dont get an infraction, they would now have to consider how the community reacts to their posts. also its far better than what we have now. where if one user disagrees with anothers post. he/she is more likely to flame the other with a picture or some other manner to show how much of a fool that person is. now ask yourselves which is better, the public flaming or a private comment to that person which they might learn from?

also if theres one or 2 ppl using it because theyve some personal issues with you, it shouldnt make that much of a difference, red repping is half what a user can give out of green rep. if youre receiving several red reps well then perhaps the problem is not with them but with you and you might learn a little something. if theres ppl continously abusing the power, give the mods the abilitly to take it away.

bearing all this in mind i really dont get why it has been taken away.