Ragnarok had begun in Midgard.

There was no denying it now. Even now, the Einherjar forces of Odin were moving to engage the trolls, giants, and undead that plague Midgard, led by Hel of Nifelheim, who had aligned with Tiamat.

Jormungand had arisen from the seas, and Fenrir was loose. All of Midgard was embroiled in war.

And that was only the north.

Frederick Karlson was not involved in the Ragnarok battles, currently. Instead, there was another threat.

"It would seem that the drow are behind the disturbance among the giants," said Frederick.

"This is correct," agreed Merlin. "The documents written to Surt were quite clear. They originate from the Drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu."

"Erel... right, I'll just call it Drinlu since it's a drow city that ends in Inlu," nodded Frederick. "So then we go kill them all."

"I'm going to recruit using the Guild," said Lilian. "Post a message that says 'all who want to defeat the drow, join Frederick Karlson's quest into Drinlu to defeat the... wait, who rules that city?"


Frederick used his amulet. "Yo, Aurelia," he said, "Who rules the Drow city of Drinlu? Or whatever it's called... you know, that drow city ending in 'inlu'. We're going to go destroy it."