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Thread: Dragon Knight, the Last Battle

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    Jon wandered around the dead Drow bodies, those of the Tiamat Drows, inspecting their bodies and equipment. Those that could still be used in battle was reanimated to fight once more, but under a different banner and against their will. He often got distasteful looks from one or two nearby soldiers, but he ignored them. Jon didn't have to worry about any of them going zealous on him and try to smite him, as most of them probably enjoyed seeing their hated enemies being reanimated to die in their place in the coming battle.
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    Frederick noticed a pack of spiders up ahead, but rather than attack, they held back.

    "Those aren't spiders..." said Merlin.

    When they began to incant spells, Frederick noted, "You're right. They're Aranea."

    He charged toward them, as several spells bounced off of him and struck the magic-using spiders. The Aranea spat a web to try and block him off, but Frederick sliced through it with the Ultima sword, tearing into the ranks of the Aranea as they began to retreat as quickly as possible, some of them casting the Expeditious Retreat spell to get away.

    "Silly spiders," said Frederick, frowning and walking towards Malaika. Suddenly, he took a mighty swing at the air.

    "Argh," said a voice, as a drow male materialized from the area Frederick had just struck. "My invisibility spell is perfect. There's no way you could have possibly seen me. Or heard me!"

    "I didn't," said Frederick. "But you're standing on a freaking web, man. How do you think the spiders are able to know where their targets are in absolute darkness? They don't have Darkvision."

    "Heh..." said the drow. "I suppose I should have levitated, then. Oh well, I don't want to fight you. So see ya!"

    He turned and moved to escape, but Frederick cast a quick web spell to block his retreat and said, "You try to assassinate the angel girl and think you can just walk away? I think you need to die."

    "Hmph..." said the drow, turning to Frederick. "You have any idea who I am, humanoid?"

    "I don't care," said Frederick with a shrug. "You're a girly man who tries to take opportunistic cheap shots at my friends. So you die."

    "You impudent... I'm Vhaerun, you lousy mortal! Vhaerun! Now run away in despair, and I might let you live!"

    "Nah..." said Frederick, recognizing the name vaguely. "I think I'd rather kill you. And if I'm impudent, you're impotent."

    Just then, the Vhaerun character vanished from sight.
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    Garth Fought off another enemy as he kept backing up, "I could really use some mana." he said to himself as he now saw the Spider things casting spells. "Perfect." He said as he jumped over an enemy drow and landed right in front of another who tried to attack him. Garth grabbed his arm with a smile, "Do you fools think because i cast spells i don't know how to fight?" he said, "I am still a viking! REMEMBER THAT!" he yelled as he lifted the drow of the ground and slammed the drow's head into the ground. Garth ran quickly at one of these spiders that could cast spells as his dagger began to glow he stabbed it into one of the retreating spiders. The dagger glowed even brighter as garth smiled.

    He looked to the side seeing a charging drow his eyes turned blue as he shot his hand out and a giant icicle came out impaling the drow. It seemed as if the dagger was sucking the very mana from the spider thing.

    Erak was handling himself nicely as he could feel the battle getting more intense. HE was suddeny stopped though as a spider had shot a web catching one of his feet. As opposing forces started to surround him Natasha came down twirling her staff knocking them all back. She pushed her shield off of her arm showing that it was attached with a chain to her armor. SHe twirled it around as it cut up nearby opponents.

    Natasha cut the web from the viking berserker who was still fighing ever though stuck. as a drow jumped to kill natasha from behind Erak jumped himself and grabbed the drow with the hand that he had his shield in as he landed he slammed the drow into the ground then threw him at his own teamates.
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