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Thread: Emergency Maintenance: 156, 159, 161, wn4

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    Default Emergency Maintenance: 156, 159, 161, wn4

    We will be taking servers 156, 159, 161, wn4 offline to address some database issues, hardware issues and test. Right now there is no ETA on the length of the downtime, but I'm estimating at around 2 hours offline.

    I'll update more here in a bit.

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    Currently backing up database.

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    Prepping up to swap hardware.

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    Hardware swapped. Checking and testing now.

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    Hardware passed test. Migrating data now.

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    Checking data.

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    Testing 156, 159, 161 and wn4 now.

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    The following servers are now online: wn4, 156, 159.

    Remember, there will probably be a large amount of players attempting to all login at the same time. Have a bit of patience while the server handles all of you cramming into the door at the same time.

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    With server 161, we've had to rollback to yesterday's maintenance as there were some issues that couldn't be resolved that players reported here on the forums as well as Helpspot.

    Will be bringing 161 online shortly.

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    Testing 161 now.


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