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    Default Gilgad's Combat Mechanics Guide!


    (These are some suggestions or corrections some people told me, so I put them in place)

    Hero intel on rams - Blah99200 (Dont remember date)

    Gramattic error 1st page - Stal - made easier for foreigners to understand. (Dont remember date)

    Deleted Skype Conversation, made into Nutshell - Nammy/xChance - 19/11/12

    Added Colour to guide - Nammy - 19/11/12

    Corrected Typo - SashD - 24/11/12

    Hi guys, I have been making this guide for about 2 years now.

    What I mean by 2 years is, i've been figuring out the game myself for 2 years, while making this guide as I go along, taking screen shots, giving diagrams, etc etc.

    I have not read any other combat mechanics guide before as I only found this forum 3 days ago.

    I would have posted my guide here, however, the rules deny me the access to post more then 5 screen shots.

    ALSO, This forum does not allow the use of consecutive space bars, (you can only press space once per word).

    So I put it on a google doc, it's so big that i had to split it up into two separate ones, I have both the links on the google docs, and I will post both the links here.

    If you have any feedback for the guide, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASEEEE post it here, I love feedback whether it's positive or negative.

    I hope you enjoy!


    Thanks! AND ENJOY!!

    If you don't have a forum account and wish to send me feedback, email I check it daily and will respond

    1st Part:

    2nd part:
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