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Thread: The Roast of Lucas101

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    Default The Roast of Lucas101

    Welcome to the roast of esteemed forum member Lucas101.

    rules: keep it clean and avoid insults of a personal nature.

    he studies a finance and economics course and is canadian(ikr) so theres no shortage of material.

    so start up the ovens and make this mofo feel the burn!!

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    I don't care if your bad. But don't teach other people your badness.
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    This little pony just remortgaged for more war ports.

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    Wherever you want ;)


    Lucas is not even close to as cool as his sister!

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    I for one like Lucas as he gets my SOH and gives me rep but a little bit of gentle ribbing shouldn't go amiss. In fact I am reminded of the time he asked for advice on his first training bra, as a 40 year old male I found the request a little odd but who am I to question the private goings on of a confused young man? After settling on the La Redoute Teen Girl's Underwired Stretch Cotton Bra and Briefs Set we got on to talking about his great love of Justin Bieber. Lucas loves nothing more after a stressful day than to unwind in his garishly pink bedroom with a bowl of popcorn and Justin (my Justin as he affectionately refers to him) Bieber blaring out of his Barbie iHome Portable Stereo Speaker System. Unfortunately these times are few and far between as they are spoiled by his father yelling up the stairs: 'turn that crap off and man the hell up'. Life has been tough for Lucas, a social outcast from a young age he was oft bullied, having eyes that were just a 'little too far apart' and athletes foot of the mouth made him a natural target. Nevertheless he has overcome adversity and become the well-rounded individual we now all know and love. Just don't say that to his face as he starts asking for your finger-nail clippings and weird **** like that.

    *to do ...think of something funny and clever as a signature.

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    This is a Roast?

    I thought with all the drunks sitting around, that this was an AA meeting.. i'm just here for the free coffee and donuts...

    I'll never forget the first time i met Lucas101.. there he was.. walking down the street, fresh out of school, bright eyed and bleary.. carrying his first paycheck from his chosen field.. those special words i said to him when we first met..... "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY OR I'LL KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY" .. let me tell you, he's not one to back down from a fight, not like others would.. he stood his ground and filled his Pampers...then backed down..

    You can say anything you want about Lucas, but you can't say that him and his family aren't hardworking.. every night the whole family goes out together.. heads to the shipyards to peddle their wares... I still don't know where they got that Donkey from?

    He's good people, salt of the earth.. too bad i'm on a sodium reduced diet...

    I'd trust him with my life.... especially if i got the Kevorkian prescription..

    I love him like the brother that Morgentaler delivered...

    He's a sweet guy who's never been known give up in the face of adversity,truth, honesty and will fight for justice for all, and any other autographed CDs

    Seriously though, where are the donuts?

    To hear that he is a fellow Canadian makes me proud. Proud to know i've applied for a US work VISA...

    To come across the news that he is a commerce student, only leads to various jokes about him pinching pennies.. those my friends are lies.. he has never pinched a penny yet... but he did invent copper wire when he refused to stop fighting over leaving a 1 cent tip..

    I tip this Touque of mine towards him tonight in gratitude of his being whom he is.... and still wonder why he orders a triple triple Mochachino with extra sprinkles at every Timmie's he's near.... dude... you have to stop... next beach season Greenpeace will show up and roll you back in the water...

    This little pony gives him 2 hooves of approval before heading to ACME/LUCAS Glue inc.

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    Lucas can't tell the difference between his girlfriend and his cow.

    Lucas is like a forum tampon. He logs in once a month and just clogs up the flow.

    (This feels weird without JOJ, and why isn't it in the server section?)
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    Lucas smells really bad?
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    Hey Sari, change the your "quote" in your sig.

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    Hmmm...Good Question.


    Poor kid...

    I believe the 101 in his name is the number of different schools he has attended.
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    "An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind."

    "In war there is no prize for the runner-up."

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    Quote Originally Posted by <3Sari<3 View Post
    Lucas smells really bad?
    I prefer to call it the musty smell of man...
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    I hope Siphon doesnt post


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