I have never really had a good suggestion or idea for anything but the recent banter and repetitive posts about the servers being down has inspired me with what i believe would be a pretty decent change to the forums.

It is WAY to easy to be able to make a thread...So the first solution one would think of to this is to only make people with x amount of posts have the permission to create threads. This would be a bad idea as it is usually the newer guys with questions and such. So i got to thinking about how the mods could get around that little issue and here is what i came up with.
- Every forum member must apply to create a thread. Yes i know there would be A LOT of spam and unnecessary requests to make threads..but this is why this would be such a good idea..the mod could simply deny the app and they wouldn't have to worry about closing a nonsense spam thread later on in the future. This may create more work and probably require more moderators but i do think this would increase the quality of modern day threads.
Please feedback is well appreciated by me but no need to be rude or immature.