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Your suggestion has merit and might even work ... provided there are mods present to approve or deny said applications. They're very scarce these days.
And I'd reiterate what's already been said by others before me: putting this responsibility in the hands of mods in charge of a particular section leaves the door open for bias because decisions will be subjective most of the time.
Objectivity usually goes out the window when you're faced with choosing between what's good for the community (like bacon!) and what's technically against the rules (like bacon!).
We're here, we just hide in the shadows a lot...

But I agree this option could end up being a major undertaking as there would have to be constant moderators online to oversee this kind of process. (You would remember).

I think the spam is nowhere near what it used to be - even with multiple "It's broken!!" threads. We try to merge those together when things go kaboom, though as you all know I'm not perfect

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I'd have to agree, for this to become operational alot more mod's would be needed. But i also agree with what Quantum says about biasy becoming a problem with this, as not everyone likes each other so if i were a mod and saw someone i wasn't fond of trying to create a thread... well it might just get lost in the void of space. I suspect this is why i am not a mod as well.

Though in comparison threads are on a bit of a shortage these days, usually theres a sudden burst of threads being made when evony has implemented a new "idea" but other than that its alot quieter these days.

Also the forums are pretty darn strict nowadays too
I agree about the quiet part, but more strict? Wow, I've been slacking then! I've felt much less strict these days...

I think a lot of the moderators not making as much of a presence is partially our fault, partially to do with the lessening of traffic and community feel overall lately. As for moderated threads, as a mod you come to do them pretty much as soon as you login in the morning. :P It becomes second nature to just click yes or not on "appropriate/not", even with those that irritate ya.