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Thread: Guide to Upgrade Gear[No Coining] Released!!!

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    Default Guide to Farming Materials[No Coining] Released!!!

    Hi all Again,

    I am Posting this guide on how to Upgrade Gear but let me warn you it will take Months to get to Even lvl 5 and about 1 Year-1 1/2 Years to get to 10 and Approx about 1 Year to get all 15 Stars that's if you farm daily.

    Lets Get Started


    -All 10 Cites Or 9 will work
    -1-1.6 Million Warriors Each City
    -Lvl 10 Valleys at every city(Hopefully you have 1 of each kind of valley Near a city)
    -Lvl 10 Rally Spot and LVl 10 Feasting Hall
    -5 Hours of your time
    -Lvl 12 HC( Not Neccesary though )
    Time to HUNT!!!

    Ok Now that we are finished with the requirements ill Start by saying it takes me about 2 Months to get to lvl 5 Gear and I farm for 10 Hours a day so just imagine(And I'm just Guessing) that you only farm 2 hours a day, it would take you 5-12 Months to get to Lvl 5 Gear but atleast that's better than having lvl 2 Gear. Alright I got that over with now I'm Guessing your ready to farm.


    1.Launch 10 waves of 100k Warr each camped at 30 seconds apart from your first city. if you camp all 10 Waves it should be 5 Minutes

    2. Launch the same waves from the second city Starting at a camp time of 5 Minutes and 30 second. camp each waves after the first at 30 Seconds. This should sum up to 10 Minutes if all waves are camped as told.

    3. Do the same thing as done above for the other 8 Cities then start the process over until you hero is out of Energy.

    Further Explanation

    Alright Just in case you don't Get the above here's an explanation: So from the first city all waves were camped so they were 30 seconds apart like 30, 1 Minute, 1 Minute 30 Sec..... all the way till it added up to 5 Minutes(I CAMPED FIRST WAVE)

    Then I went to the Second city which I started from 5 Minute and 30 sec and I did that because The first cities last wave will hit at the 5 Minute mark so to make it easier for myself I camped Second cities 1st wave 30 seconds apart from my First cities Last Wave and then I continued the Process and gave my other waves 30 Sec apart from Each other

    Good Bye

    Now before I end this I should tell you that from each city if you farm for 5 Hours you will get 13 Materials
    So that's a 103 in 5 hours!!!! But since we are free Players and we are farming for gear it will come with a price.

    I feel No need to say how much you will lose but I will say it will be with it because once you have that Lvl 5 Gear And all Lvl 10 Stars you can take down that 14! I will be making more guides that will eventually lead you up to taking a 16 Or just possible Atlantis( No Promises for Atlantis though )


    Note: all drop rates are estimates. %% = Delicate gem. %% = Flawless gem

    -Make sure you have 10% increased droprate (400/400 colonize achievement). There's a guide on this forum to rush through this achievement.

    NPC1-4: 25% / 7% Don't spam these. They aren't very good for gem farming, but they should be in your farming lists for increased speed.

    NPC5: 30% / 13% These can be double hit; you'll get a drop chance on both hits. 2nd hits can replace NPC2-3 missions.

    NPC7-9 30% / 23% These can be triple hit initially; drop chance on all of these hits. After this, you start spamming them every 4 minutes; again drop chance on all these hits. Keep hitting them so they will not regenerate much. In between sending out your NPC1-5 missions, you can just keep spamming them and get a huge boost to your gem income. Switch heroes to INT gear.

    NPC10: 25% / 30% Standard 96K+2K+2K archer opener (attack gear),2nd and 3rd hit with 100K warriors, then keep hitting it 4 minutes interval with 100K warriors.

    Originally Copied from:

    Happy Hunting
    Don't make Evony discourage you
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