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    Default Forum skin

    Change it, it looks awful.

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    i miss the old1

    it had more style lol

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    My avatar no longer blends perfectly into the background. Get rid of this new crap. Also I feel the main forum page seems much more confusing since the switch.

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    i used the old evony default skin which was simlar to this so i noticed little difference personally with the change

    i HATE the advanced search feature now, its horrendous, it renders quatum leaps adv search thread useless and finding old threads is now possible

    more annoyingly, ppl's history of posts and created threads no longer show, only those theyve made or created recently. so it is now impossible to find anything on these goddamn forums
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    i liked the old way better. wasnt broke why fix it?
    i have to say its tons better than ministry of war's forum page tho.
    they use vbulletin as well. horrid black background and green/white letters.

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    Yeah, I personally like this template better than the original.
    The original had a few loading errors on my end that this one seems to have fixed.

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    Yeah..what's up with the change? And most important; will it stay this way?

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