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He's from an order older than your own.

This forum has an old history.. and sometimes we relics like to come out and show ourselves
Their are whispers from the Old Ones that say these forums work on a 5 year cycle, and that this cycle has happened up to 4 times before.....they call this cycle TransBombah. And that previous cycles like workerBombah! were actually deleted when atheists got hold of the bible and edited it. It twas to remove all pagan ritualistic posters who had great knowledge but was almost an untranslatable gibberish of 0 1 1 0.

These pagan Posters they say had great ritualistic ceremonies like valley swapping heroes without any transference of medals, or caravanning of troops over great distances without hardly a scrap of food, Alas all now is lost to the Ethernet static .although it is foretold when the ghosts of these ancient posters somehow get there now young children to clean out the basement that a hard drive will be found labelled stevo 2005, that may contain parts of the original forum posts.