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Thread: How About That League of Legends?

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    Default How About That League of Legends?

    Well? I started playing about two weeks ago and I am truly, truly terrible. Anybody feel like talking about it?
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    i have the game, Im terrible too. lol

    Ive found i do best with ranged magic users myself

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    Slight Necro but any how...

    I stopped playing after I got banned twice in the first two days of playing. I made a second account and that got banned too...  53019

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    I used to play it and i was quite good, but it got boring after a few weeks...

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    Lulz I've been playing since November. I have a problem...

    I've found that a huge amount of the game has to do with PvP and there are very defining moments when you start to really GET the mechanics. Honestly I used to think that playing support was no fun but then I started realizing just how important of a role it is. Not only that but it teaches you map awareness and also how to ward, counterward and call plays.

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    I played LoL for awhile, burnt myself out on it. I used Vigar a lot and actually bought him lol. Their are many strategies, but It would be best to join a clan or group that can teach you more while you play. In my Multi-gamer community (not the one i'm looking to create, but one I am a member in) They have a large group that plays LoL, If interested I might be able to help you get in with those guys.


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