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Also for someone to sit in the middle of 32 reds, takes guts if those reds were really that good it wouldn't have taken them 3 days to do what they did. I call that a win 32 players all lost 60% of there armies or more, when 1 big hitter on our side lost 60% or so that's 1 big hitter vs a alliance of them so 31 vs 1 which would mean hazzards need um 1000 players to defeat nemesis. altho i quit would have been fun to do same. Evony is boring now that we fight the same 1 alliance over and over. Yall should have merged ss60 evony. you lost my money
The most accurate statement and assessment of this "funny battle" I have read so far. While Hazzards claims some sort of "strategic teamwork" the truth is that they setup the whole nest of reds comprising of all of their hitters and all of their troops and invited hacker to port into the middle of it. If what Skel says is true, that hacker made the statement that the whole server couldn't take his war city down, and was thus proven wrong, then what he did show us was that it requires every war city from every hitter from every red that Nemesis has and three days to break him. Hardly something worth bragging about, more of something to hang your head in shame if I were a member of Hazzards or Rave. TRONS statement from page one, referring to hacker truceing for the night and then porting back to give them another day to try again really sums up the mentality of these alliances. What they consider a cowardly move is a thousand levels above what anyone of them would dare do. It would never even be asked of TRON or slacksalot to port into 32 red cities, we're satisfied just to see them unholiday to take the opportunity to fight a battle that where the odds were clearly in their favor. To expect any one of them to make an aggressive move on their own would be unthinkable. As BigMike said, the server has gotten boring I guess is proven by the fact that in order to get our reds to come out from under their covers we need someone like hacker to agree to port into the center of their 32 city nest. Sad what we're clinging onto just to try and create for everselves some sort of opposition. And yes Skel optmus Prime is you, don't lie, and please don't make me show the war reports/screenshots/ingame convos to prove you are lying.