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Thread: Effective way to coin

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    I highly doubt anyone is still going to be looking at this, but here goes. The best thing to do is get the beginner package. then with the 200k resources get your basic stuff. 8 or so cottages, everything else that has free speedup capability. Get your resource fields. you want to build 1 farm, and then build at a ratio of 5/4/4(lumber/iron/stone). get 10 barracks. All of this with a level one th so you can get as much prerstige as possible. After that get your th to lvl 2. don't speed it up, use that time to spin on the amulet. Then basically do what you do in your non coining ways. EXCEPT make sure you focus on resource production and troop building. You should have 50k warriors, fast! Make sure you get tech reqs for balls, and make sure you get a rack to 9 and one to 6 to get balls and trans. Hopefully it helps!

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    Spend a $few hundred on ammies is one strat. Spin up stone and other good stuff.

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    how much do people usually spend on a good account?


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