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Thread: 5HARK's SIG SHOP

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    Welcome to the GFX section and congrats on opening a shop.

    It's good to see another shop opening down the old manor as the rest of us packed up long ago, or in my case joined the circus.

    Thanks to Infinitus for the epic B'day pressie!

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    I want a sig of a shark making a goofy face riding a whale in the sky holding a trident. can ya hook me up bro.
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    i understand u trying to explain battle mechanics and so on, and like i said not saying u are wrong, i know people that send the same wave of certain numbers, not cause it works, and they know better waves to do it and better results, but they send it cause they like the look of the numbers.
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    did 5hark get knocked out because of all the sig wantings lolz
    when did pigs grow wings and fly???

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    Like I said couldn't handle the pressure lol
    Jk lol something probably came up in RL or he just cba to do 'em lol

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    Hey shark id like a sig!
    Idea - something like a Chaos Marine from warhammer 40000 coming out of fire
    The Name OmegaTorch Na51 next to it
    black and red but also firey colours and whatever you think is good, youre the master, cheers dude


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