Hello, ever wonder how to train what ever hero you want a couple levels a day?
Now i will warn you its not the best guide for saving troops but it does help alot..
1: find a npc 8 hopefully 2 miles or less.
also you may use a npc 9 if necessary but best if you use a level 8
2: first clear it out of troops .. i sometimes send 100k archer and it works good but what ever you want to do to clear it is fine
3: when your send army has returned to your city send an attack of 100k warriors with the hero that you want to train
4: at first you may lose about 5k warriors per hit but as your hero progresses your troops loss decreases and you gain alot of hero exp per hit so it shouldn't take long at all
5: after doing this for awhile your hero should have a bunch of hero exp so just continue this for awhile and before you know it your hero will be a high level hero =)

also as i said before you can do this with any hero you want to .. poly hero attack hero or intell hero what ever you want.. but remember to decrease troop loss you have to apply your points in your attack but remember only do that if your hero is an attack hero so you may lose more troops while training a poly hero or an intell hero ..

well that is it .. also one last thing this is my first guide that i have made so please tell me how i did and if this was useful or not, yes i know alot of you may know this but please remember that there are still people out there who know nothing about this game =) thanks for your time!