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Thread: Mail Problems On Na49

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    Default Mail Problems On Na49

    I'm unsure if this has been addressed and was also unsure where to put it so its here lol.
    For the last couple weeks the blue number icon that appeared over mail showing new mail has failed to turn up. Several others on the server have experienced the same difficulties. You have to enter your Inbox, sometimes multiple times to get them to show up. This has been causing several severe issues in communication.

    Just though I'd let evony know and see if anyone else had the same problem.

    PS I noticed on evony form the evony gets underlined in red, just though it funny

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    same problem on NA1

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnermel View Post
    same problem on NA1
    What he said^^^
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    This happened to me on na45 too. I missed a very important mail because of it. Easiest way to fix it, open ur mail as soon as u log on, and again every hour your on. When you log off for longer then an hr, open it up again when you log on.This way your mail constantly stays up to date with you manually untill it gets fixed.

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