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Thread: evony toolbar

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    Question evony toolbar

    sorry if im asking this in the wrong place

    i installed mini evony toolbar 3 days ago

    loged on with the toolbar using the toolbar chose the server and loged in

    clicked on bonus chose my server , it said daily gift delivered last 3 days i did this

    and got nothing , dose this toolbar still work ?

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    As far as I know they no longer support the toolbar. It was real glitchy about a year ago when i was using it. When I reported it they said they don't support it and it stopped working all together.

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    yup don't think it works anymore..been awhile since i even used it though to.
    when did pigs grow wings and fly???

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    dose any 1 know for certin

    some players say they are getting items

    is a certin brouser needed


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