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Stan hold yourself an wait By "To be Continued" I mean I will edit and finish also I'll have Links to other posts, I can agree though my syntax is horrible but I disagree with the part when you said "and don't understand what it is that legit noobs need info on". How can you say that? When Im not even Finished after Im finished you can hate and troll as much as you like lmao Im just playin but seriously though wait.
The name's Stal.

Here's how writing a guide works (ideally) you write it. then you post it. This means you HAVE IT TOGETHER in ORDER first. It doesnt matter to me if you continue to add sht you have started in the wrong spot. Tell me, what is the most efficient process for starting up an age2 server in order to have 100k archers within 3 days (requires coining of course). The point is you're not going into the overall dynamics of the game and instead are just scraping the droppings from the surface that were left behind by guide making rats in the past... get original and dont talk about evony for noobs in a vacuum. Think about everything you take for granted - no matter how small- and include it.

So in summary:
The name aint Stan.

Teach in a logical order

Don't teach in a vacuum

And become original