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    Quote Originally Posted by BigNorr View Post
    I don't even remember my Skype password that's how long I've been MIA I don't even know whose still around! Is my dear Sheppeh still alive?
    make new skype = problem solved! but you will have to re add everyone, so problem less solved. Sheppeh is around on skypes, but he doesn't post much anymore (and that last part describes the forums in a nutshell) Tho he still has spurts of forums activity since his acc got unB&'d

    Quote Originally Posted by Panteria View Post
    Bole? BOLE! where did Boleslav go?
    bole has been gone for a very very long time, unlike most he hasn't made a reappearance. Much like Norr in that respect, except Norr came back!
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    ssssssssffffdrdrawers. You can't tell me to stop being who I am.


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