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Thread: Gilgad's Combat Mechanics Guide v2

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    Default Gilgad's Combat Mechanics Guide v2

    Hello all, Due to my email being hacked I decided to keep all my work on the evony forums.

    Majority of this post will be from my previous guide however I will be going into even more depth near the end and covering other topics.

    If there is anything you request me to add, I will try to do so as I have reserved two spaces for additional information.

    Feel free to leave any feedback you desire, any constructive criticism is wonderful, please suggest how to make the guide better if you can, even if it's visually.

    Feel free to add me on skype to chat: xogilly

    I will be editing more and more over the next week or two.

    I am also aware that there is some false information in the close combat area bout melee units targeting highest ranged stack first, I believe the reports I have shown had something to do with the bonus vs archers damage cavalry have. I am still looking into it.

    Enjoy mates.
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