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Thread: Recent War City on SS67

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    while true enough intel CD is boring, Sometimes it is the best option. (ie 6 on 1 that want to play the descout game) either that you need more trans then even im willing to feed.

    While im not sure where this game will progress too next for big hitters (mabey funky techs?) atm the intel CD is the easyest way to defend the biggest guys (Exp potato attackers that dont time waves) with the lowest losses. It is "too easy" But it is equally easy to pull apart if the attacker knows what they are doing.

    I think 250 mill archers is ridiculous dont get me wrong. There is no point going that big. But 7-12 mill archers for around 500k each mech (you can easy move half or more mechs out if you carry heavyer then that.) its quite acceptable, Thats enough to make it hard for someone to wipe you should they catch you offline, and enough for you to stop 3-4x your mechs worth if your on to defend and have instant at's.
    But the problem comes in when people decide they want 10m mechs (for what reason I've no clue).

    Me and you know how to play with decent sized cities, sure. But no real point trying to teach people like this what being efficient means.

    I'd be willing to bet he spends a lot of time scouting after hits to see if they worked.
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    Less QQ more PewPew

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    cush has a point... and he is right


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