Hey all, I am interested in starting my own Multi-Gamer community. Mostly those that use Steam, TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, Raidcall, or another select way of communicating within organizations. I currently have and run a small clan on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Looking to Advance out to a wider array of games, with many leaders of clans. If your Interested in helping start the Creation of a Multi-Gamer community Please contact me. I will be looking forward to it.

I will be attempting to set up a free website, and as we grow get a Ventrillo/TeamSpeak server.

The rules I want to stress for the community is No harassment of other Gamers, No Self-conflict/Drama within the community, and No bored members.

-Games - How to get-
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Steam
War Thunder - P2W/F2P Steam
Diablo 3 - Game Stores/Walmart
Tribes:Ascend - Steam
Evony - Browser Based
Edgeworld - Browser Based

Other games can be added as the group grows and other people that want to lead sectors of Clans. This organization is a place for many Clans to be able to meet, test, and play other games.