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    worrior - errr no clue as to who you are and probably a mutual feeling towards me, but your forum thread for an alliance definitely was lacking at best. I do wish ya luck but starting wars and rivalries before the server is even announced does not seem like a well thought out strategy, though I have been wrong before, for instance I never thought FarmU would join Softer, but then again he had a better read early on about Raj than I did.

    My only advice to you simply would be this - You need a core group of solid players that 100% have each others back 100% of the time. Kinda hard to get that with a dictatorship mentality, as well as finding that kinda support from unknown through a forum recruitment.
    I was Warmachine on na50. We've met a few times.

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    WC or a Pink or 2 suppose you could consider that a meet.

    I do at least have some what of an idea to who you are now.

    I wish ya the best of luck like many of the others have stated I think you are taking the wrong approach, that said I have been wrong before and you may be the type that wants to do what everyone says cannot be done.

    I am off to search the couch cushions for lost skittles ... maybe I'll get lucky this time.
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    Someday I will win an ID change and get that extra "r: outta my name on na50

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    I already checked the sofa Mr. Meistro. Sorry, you're outta luck.

    I'm too lazy to switch servers as much as you guys do. Makes me tired thinking about it. And, it takes sooo long to get to the real PVP part. Stupid barb HC's anyway.
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    heh, OzM. i never thought i would join Softer either!

    Kristy, that's because u almost impaled yourself on Moscow!


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