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Thread: War city....

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    Quote Originally Posted by -HaCkER- View Post
    As previously stated, even if it wasn't that large, I have very little interest in this game anymore. I am on a server that is dead and we wont ever be merged. So I would still be in holiday 95% of the time anyway.
    Yet you spend $$ to keep your account holidayed. I say you still have lots of interest in the game.

    I was told about how war cities have grown even larger since I last quit. There must be a new glitch to gain res or just a better way to bot these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -HaCkER- View Post
    I spend most of my time in holiday now unless there is free food. No one wants to fight me, and the game bores me after almost 3 years with no merge.
    LOL, if you disguise yourself well enough, one of our reds may "accidently" fight you, and then as soon as they get smashed they cling desperately to the word "glitch" ever since that word first showed up in Evony. I was told today when one of our members lost his top hero, and I responded by telling this particular red that I would give him a pults hero if he farmed up the medals that "anything given away for free is "glitched". Months and months ago when our reds discovered that they couldn't hold a flame to about a dozen and a half or so of our players' troop counts I was accused of having an acct that had "glitched " cities that magically produced troops, like in the fashion that they should produce wood or iron. Ever since then, if they don't want to fight you, it's because "they don't fight glitched troops", and if they fight you and lose, its the same excuse, its their be-all end-all excuse for every loss. You almost have to ask them their army size and promise to port with the exact troop count or they cry something.

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    meh never back down from a fight with this city i see 100b + exp for ur hero if u dont defend like a noob
    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    wow nice city,,,monster...

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    Hack,we are going to kill your scouts again...good luck with your upkeep

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    thats insane. you are unstoppable.
    ss68 ftw baby


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