Recently I have started college where I have ,of course, started learning several new things. Of these things I have learned my personality type.
Before I go into more depth I would like to state my purpose of starting this thread. This is to be nothing fancy, just a simple discussion on different topics, such as everyone's personality type and any forum they may be a part of. I belong to a forum for the INTJs.
I used the Myers Briggs personality test. For anyone who has not taken it yet, I recommend taking thirty minutes or so to do so. If anyone is anything
like me then knowing your personality type is like an anabolic steroid to the mind.

I'm an INTJ. I've been around the forums for a couple of years now, seeing several names along the way. I would be very interested to know the personality type of each of you and anything you may want to add.

To start the discussion I would like to say I have a small theory that most of you are introverted over extraverted and prefer thinking over feeling. I guess we will see.