Well all i can say is 180 is gonna be a brutal server. Ill let the pics do the talking:

it started with me saving my keys from the 500$ i spent on day 1 of server 180, waiting for halloween, it was worth the wait. First chest of opened:

I got another of these while opening the 18 or so keys i had.

Then i won these:

Now im glad i didnt use my 128 on wars.

So Show em if you got em folks, Who can beat my pol and Attacker (i also won another 147 base pol, but not quite as good as my first one shown above) those stats are unbuffed, so 149 base pol, 140 base attack, I know some in 69 got a 149 base attacker (lucky sod) But i can live with this.

So lets see em folks!